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* “Thank goodness. As you were!!” and other comments about this tweet (dw_english)

* Oops! George Soros is *not* dead (
* Dallas TV station reports George H.W. Bush has died (

Chicago Tribune editor Gerould Kern toasts his photographers.

I asked Kern about the bash and replied: “It was a gathering to toast our photo staff and their fabulous work. Just to show our appreciation.”

noagesWhat NYT and the couple won’t tell you: Mike D. is 46; his wife is 51.

Romenesko reader Dean Goodman writes:

Mike D. from the Beastie Boys and his filmmaker wife showed off their crib to the New York Times, and oddly declined to give their ages. And the New York Times did not pursue the matter. Odd behavior by both sides.

Also, wifey erased a big part of the Beastie Boys’ history – their West Coast history – when she stated, “He had never lived outside of Manhattan.”

* Licensed to grill: Mike D.’s Brooklyn townhouse (
* “Moving to California, Mike D and his bandmates paired up with…” (

UPDATE: Ira Stoll wrote yesterday: “If the paper is going to cut those kinds of deals, some more transparency would be great: ‘We agreed not to print the couple’s ages because they threatened to kick us and our photographer out of their house if we insisted on it, and then we’d have to find some other people to write about, which would be more work.'”

The Gainesville (Ga.) Times reported this week that a 25-year-old man who set up a “fake newspaper” called the Gainesville Observer was jailed and expected to be charged with deception and theft of services.

A Romenesko reader was interviewed by that man, Joshua Brian Randolph (aka Kevin Cobb), and offered the executive editor position last winter. He wrote yesterday: “If you promise not to use my name (I don’t want my current employer to know about this) and if you’re interested I can send you an email about it.” Here’s a tightened version of it:

Back in January I was on and I saw an ad placed by a new newspaper in Georgia that was looking for an executive editor. Since I have the experience and it’s always been my dream to start a newspaper, I quickly applied.

Fake publisher: Joshua Randolph (aka Kevin Cobb)

Fake publisher: Joshua Randolph (aka Kevin Cobb)

Now it is true that hindsight is 20/20; I should have realized then that something was up when the “paper” was first called The Gainesville Daily Post, but in later job ads it was referred as The Gainesville Observer. (When I asked Kevin Cobb about that, he said it was a mistake made by his assistant.)

Not hearing anything after two weeks, I sent another email and Cobb asked for my resume — even though I had already sent him one. An email followed saying that I’d been selected as one of the top three candidates and that he’d like a phone interview.

I was asking “publisher” Cobb lot of questions during the interview. I couldn’t find him online — not on Facebook or LinkedIn. But he told me of a few newspapers where he worked at as editor, and said that he was 34. He nicely danced around my questions about the three mysterious investors who were backing the paper. He didn’t say much, but that was because it was first starting and he said he didn’t want the competition, The Gainesville Times, (which he called a “good-all boy” club) to know. That sounded believable.

Right before we hung up he offered me the job./CONTINUES Read More

A New York Post staffer writes to Romenesko (under the subject line, “New frontiers in ‘fair use'”):

“Am trying to figure out how the Daily News runs a whole story stolen from the Times and nobody notices. This ran on a full page [on Thursday]. In the print edition, they note that the Times plans to run the piece this weekend! They scooped the paper of record on its own story.”

I asked the Times about this and spokesperson Eileen Murphy replied:

I would quarrel with your reader only on the fact that we were “scooped.” While the Jon Caramanica interview with Kanye hasn’t been published yet in print, it was posted on on Tuesday. This is in keeping with our practice of publishing select Sunday stories in advance online.

Kanye West

Kanye West

It is surprising that the Daily News didn’t even have the courtesy to provide a link to our story when the best they had to offer their readers was a summary of our interview and select answers to questions put to Kanye West by The Times. While it doesn’t rise to the level of copyright infringement, it certainly seems less than honorable.

The interview attracted a lot of attention, including this piece yesterday in New York Magazine , which did include a link to [the Times piece].

I’ve invited News music critic Jim Farber to comment.

UPDATE: “Jim Farber forwarded me your note,” writes News managing editor/features Raakhee Michandani. “In the third paragraph of our piece we say, ‘In a shall-we-say ‘far ranging’ new interview with The New York Times (set to hit print this weekend), the man who calls himself Yeezus casts his music as a moral crusade, declares himself the new Steve Jobs and explains how his success benefits us all.’ Seems clear enough to me.”

UPDATE 2: The New York Post excerpted the interview, too, and failed to link to the Times, the New York Observer reports.

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* Times-Picayune tells readers that restaurant critic Brett Anderson will return in September. (In other words, the Advocate hasn’t hired him.) (
* Former Life Magazine editor Ralph Graves — “an old-school editor with a blunt demeanor” — is dead at 88. (
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* Oops! New York Post’s Soledad O’Brien story uses a photo of Zoraida Sambolin. (
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