Morning Report for June 14, 2013

* Bloomberg reporters say they routinely used their terminal’s UUID command to get information on subscribers. (
* Washington Examiner local news team says goodbye. ( | Today’s front page.
* Jay Rosen: “I know Glenn [Greenwald]. Glenn is a pro. …He is responsible.” (
kimdot* “Funny: Have a look… Google+ suspended my account because they think the name Kim Dotcom isn’t real :-)” (@KimDotcom)
* Murdoch divorce stuns Satan: “I was just starting to get over the Putins.” (
* In his farewell column, David Westphal measures the progress of nonprofit news over the last four years. (
* CNN’s Kate Bolduan: “I feel like I’ve earned the jobs I’ve received. I don’t think people are doing me favors. You’ve got to be able to do the job.” (
* Bill Day’s “Best Editor in America” award goes to Brad Warthen, former editorial page editor of The State. (
* Times-Picayune tells readers that restaurant critic Brett Anderson will return in September. (In other words, the Advocate hasn’t hired him.) (
* Former Life Magazine editor Ralph Graves — “an old-school editor with a blunt demeanor” — is dead at 88. (
brill* Remember Steve Brill’s All-Star Newspaper? (
* Kudos to this principal for not killing a student newspaper story critical of his performance. (
* North Dakota sports editor charged with attempted human trafficking. (
* Oops! New York Post’s Soledad O’Brien story uses a photo of Zoraida Sambolin. (
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