Why do you participate in this celebrity silliness, New York Times?

noagesWhat NYT and the couple won’t tell you: Mike D. is 46; his wife is 51.

Romenesko reader Dean Goodman writes:

Mike D. from the Beastie Boys and his filmmaker wife showed off their crib to the New York Times, and oddly declined to give their ages. And the New York Times did not pursue the matter. Odd behavior by both sides.

Also, wifey erased a big part of the Beastie Boys’ history – their West Coast history – when she stated, “He had never lived outside of Manhattan.”

* Licensed to grill: Mike D.’s Brooklyn townhouse (nytimes.com)
* “Moving to California, Mike D and his bandmates paired up with…” (biography.com)

UPDATE: Ira Stoll wrote yesterday: “If the paper is going to cut those kinds of deals, some more transparency would be great: ‘We agreed not to print the couple’s ages because they threatened to kick us and our photographer out of their house if we insisted on it, and then we’d have to find some other people to write about, which would be more work.'”