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Hassan Rohani / Rowhani / Rouhani.

Hassan Rohani / Rowhani / Rouhani.

* From a Monday afternoon WSJ memo: “Iran’s new president is Hassan Rohani. We’ve decided to nuke the other spellings used by some other media out there, of Rowhani and Rouhani.” (NYT uses Rowhani; WaPo goes with Rouhani.)
* Tribune Co. reports revenue was up slightly in 2012, while net income was down. (
* On page 39 of this Tribune PDF: “Employee Reductions — The Company reduced staffing levels in its operations by approximately 900 positions in 2012, 700 positions in 2011 and 600 positions in 2010.”
* “Ominous move”: The Oregonian files application for Oregonian Media Group name. (
* LSU faculty members are writing a book about the New Orleans newspaper war. (
* New York Times’ Declan Walsh has been temporarily reassigned to South Africa after being kicked out of Pakistan. (
* A reader writes: “Deseret News does it again. They used the 2011 Father’s Day cartoon for FoxTrot. I guess swimsuit models didn’t fit with their policies.” (Too hot for D-News) | Earlier: “Baby Blues” comic too racy for Deseret News. (

Too hot for Deseret News!

Too hot for Deseret News!

* LinkedIn is adding content from “Influencers” like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Meg Whitman. (
* Charles Apple interviews Stephanie Swearngin, who has been designing the Colorado Springs Gazette’s fire front pages. (
* Atlanta station suspends “morning zoo” team for making fun of New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason, who has Lou Gehrig’s Disease. ( | “A stupid attempt at humor.” (@NickCellini)
* Craig Kanalley quits his Huffington Post social media job to join the Buffalo Sabres. (@ckanalley)
* New York Daily News real estate editor Jason Sheftell is found dead at his home. (

Irin Carmon is joining to write about women, politics and culture. “Her keen observations and passionate views have made her a regular on MSNBC. Since she was in the building so often, we thought she might as well just move in,” writes executive editor Richard Wolffe.

He also announces that Tim Noah is joining the site as a contributing writer, focusing on politics and the economy.

Wolffe’s memo announcing these hires and others is after the jump. Read More

A Gambit reader let the New Orleans alternative weekly know that passages in the Q-and-A column Blake Pontchartrain were lifted from other publications.


“After analyzing those examples and doing our own preliminary research, we’ve determined that the problem is not an isolated one,” writes editor Kevin Allman.

He continues:

“Blake Pontchartrain” is a composite column that has been written by several contributors over the years. These examples can all be attributed to a single writer, who will no longer be working for Gambit.

While we look at more of this writer’s columns and try to determine the depth of the problem, we’ve decided the safest course of action is to remove the Blake Pontchartrain archive from our website.

A note to readers regarding Blake Pontchartrain (

Examples of Blake Pontchartrain passages are after the jump: Read More


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Newspapers and journalism take a beating in “Man of Steel” tweets
* “Are we really supposed to believe there’s a newspaper adding employees?” (@brianbatescomic)
* “It’s ridiculous, completely unrealistic. You can’t get a job in a newspaper that easily.” (@emsug)
* “Biggest beef w/ Man of Steel? Guy with no apparent j-school background gets job at a major paper. Wanted to throw my degree at the screen.”
* “Wow, #manofsteel is totally unrealistic sci-fi. Features a newspaper editor with a conscience who actually decides not to break a story!” (@mmiedl)
* “The thing that was hardest to believe about Man of Steel was the idea of responsible, committed newspaper journalism.” (@khealywu)
* “Looking forward to the scene in the Man of Steel sequel where Clark has to stop working on an internet slideshow to go be Superman.” (@BMcCarthy32)
* “The most unrealistic part of Man of Steel is that a daily newspaper is thriving and sends beat reporters out on international assignments.” (@bmillercomedy)
* “Good that Lois Lane is a print reporter. She works in obscurity. If she was on TV she’d be busy hosting/guest-speaking. No time for Superman.” (@TerryMac2)

* Related: A brief history of The Daily Planet building (

IPHONE“You can’t shoot a ball game with an iPhone, you can’t shoot a crime scene when you’re held back 2+ blocks from the actual scene with an iPhone, they are just impractical as a replacement to a photojournalist. It’s just the higher ups don’t seem to get that but I think they will once they see how terrible their product becomes.”

* I’m a photojournalist for a newspaper in the US top 50 (

* contributor Doug Kass adds: “I have always preferred the high road and that is the route I will take.” (@dougkass)
* Baratunde Thurston takes a 25-day social media break and encourages you to try it, too. (
* Judge sides with Boston Globe in lawsuit against Homeland Security. (
* Exit interview with NPR designer David Wright, who’s headed to Twitter. (
* Why do people assume that what women’s magazines publish isn’t as important as what men’s and general interest magazines publish? (
* “Scoop,” published in 1938, shows how journalism is “a venal, duplicitous business, powered by ego and vanity.” (
* “I’m outraged that anyone would do such a thing,” CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson says of her computer being hacked. (
* “I believe that advocacy journalism is not an oxymoron,” says CNN’s Chris Cuomo. (
* Michael Wolff: Cable news is “news for the angry and addled.” (
* Former Voice of San Diego editor Andrew Donohue joins the Center for Investigative Reporting as a senior editor. (per memo)
* New Hampshire Union Leader starts outsourcing its printing. (
* After five years as New York Times’ Rome bureau chief, Rachel Donadio has been named the paper’s European culture correspondent. (emailed press release)
* Former InStyle publisher Connie Anne Phillips joins Glamour. (
* Megan McArdle joins Bloomberg View as a columnist covering the economy, business, politics and national affairs. (emailed press release)