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* Michael Hastings, whose Rolling Stone story cost General Stanley McChrystal his job, has died in a car crash. He was 33. ( | Rolling Stone’s tribute. | LAPD tells me that this is the accident.
* Maine’s governor tells his staff to stop talking to the Portland Press Herald and sister papers because of this series. ( | (
* AP: The most commonly misused homonym in travel writing: It should be hordes of tourists, not hoards. (@APStylebook)
mia* Where’s the “Sports of the Times” column? “A lot of us miss it,” writes Bryan Curtis. (
* Nate Silver says Politico’s top editors “seem to lack very much curiosity for the world outside of the bubble.” ( | Don’t miss Charlie Pierce’s comments.
* Gawker’s trying to get photos of Mike Allen’s office at Politico. (
* New York Times continues to look into the accuracy of “Plane Was About to Crash” story. (
* “It’s time for librarians to develop our own journalism,” writes Peter Brantley. (
* Tumblr media director Mark Coatney has resigned. He left Newsweek to take the job nearly three years ago. (
* Longtime “Today” show director Joe Michael is demoted and put in charge of a new set and graphics package. (
* Fox News commentator Tobin Smith was paid $50,000 to tout a stock. (
* Which blogs stay and which blogs go at the New York Times? (
* The Times’ Well blog should be renamed ill. (
* Shuttered Greensboro weekly Rhino Times is asking $1.17M for its building. (
* Mediabistro’s FishbowlLA is going dark. (
* At PA Media Group’s new digs, “content generators and sales representative will constantly be coming and going, as they go off and out in the community, where many will spend 80 percent of the time. For them, the office will be a landing pad.” (

chase“I love typewriters. I love the tactile experience of writing with truly obsolete technology. In these days of scatterbrain thinking and an obsession with Control-V and Control-C, the typewriter gives me equal parts freedom and discipline.”Chase Gilbert (left), vintage typewriter refurbisher

* Check out the vintage reburbished typewriters now on sale (
* Check out more old typewriters on Kasbah Mod’s Facebook page (

The Wall Street Journal’s union says “buyout chatter began after a senior manager asked all bureau chiefs to inform their staffswsj that buyouts were available [and] only a few location managers passed that information along to all employees, while others either ignored the news or only reached out to individuals they thought might be eligible.”

A memo notes that “nobody is being encouraged to accept a buyout — but anybody can request one. Similarly, there is no obligation on the Company’s part to accept all requests — but if you want a buyout, you need to ask.”

The memo is after the jump. Read More

I assume the former USA Today columnist is referring to these photos. Is there an “article” that I’m missing? Let me know.

I guessed in March that Lisa de Moraes would join Entertainment Weekly after leaving the Washington Post. I was wrong. She’s just been named TV columnist at Deadline Hollywood.
Deadline editor Nikki Finke says: “I can’t remember when I didn’t read Lisa. Her columns cover everything from morning shows to reality programs to executive suites with exclusive news and irreverence. I’m thrilled she decided to make Deadline her Hollywood home.”

The Post lost de Moraes a few weeks ago because it wouldn’t let her cover TV from Los Angeles, where her husband has lived for years.

* Deadline hires former Washington Post TV writer Lisa de Moraes (
* Earlier: WaPo’s TV columnist moves to L.A. to be with her husband (

The new publisher at Warren Buffett’s Buffalo News has dismissed longtime executive vice president Bob Casell, circulation vice president Rich Williams, digital director Michael MaLoon, and library director David Valenzuela.
Casell was the #3 executive at the paper for about 15 years. Williams had been circulation chief at the News since 2004.

Warren Colville, who was promoted to publisher on the first of the year, has been appointing his own team. Last week he promoted his son, Warren Todd Colville, to vice president of sales.

UPDATE: Spokesperson Carol Horton returned my calls. She says Bob Casell’s executive assistant, Claudia Sikorski, also lost her job.

The publisher’s memo about the promotions is after the jump. Read More

* A “one-woman news organization” loses her home in Colorado’s wildfires but keeps reporting. (
* Allan Sloan: “As I predicted several years ago, the IRS has challenged the tacky tax-avoiding way that [Sam] Zell had Tribune unload Newsday.” (
* Jim VandeHei: No politician is better at navigating the media than Rahm Emanuel. (
* Roger Ebert would have turned 71 today. (
* Why photojournalism is an integral part of our industry. (
* Facebook’s “hotly anticipated” video ads are delayed until fall. (
* News organizations, including Wall Street Journal and NBC News, continue to embrace native advertising. (
lois* Lois Lane doesn’t tweet or blog. Is that because she’s too old media or just too busy helping save the world? (
* Baltimore Sun announces a paid summer internship named for former newsroom leader Mary J. Corey. (
* Report that says India’s media has failed to stop the practice of paid news is underplayed by India’s media. (
* Rupert Murdoch’s biographers question a widely reported $1.7 billion divorce settlement figure. (
* Murdoch returns to Twitter in a weird way. (
* Must-see TV? A reality show in Norway features live-streaming of salmon swimming up river for 18 hours. (
* JJ Yore, who helped create “Marketplace,” loses his job in a restructuring of the American Public Media show. (
* On brain scans, New York Times ignores its own columnist. (
* The Association for Women in Sports Media celebrates its 25th anniversary. (
* Idaho photographer sues BuzzFeed for using his soccer photo, which ended up on dozens of websites. (
* Atlanta “morning zoo” team go from suspended to fired after making fun of Steve Gleason, the former Saints player with ALS. (