Howard Kurtz quits CNN to host Fox News media program

Howard Kurtz, longtime host of CNN’s “Reliable Source” show, is jumping to Fox News to host a weekend media program and write for A Fox executive calls Kurtz “the most accomplished media reporter in the country. …a master of social media trends, information good and bad, and a veteran political reporter.”
Kurtz says in a release: “I want to thank CNN for giving me such a prime opportunity over the years and was tempted to continue, but the chance to create a revamped program and establish a strong online presence was too good to pass up.”

A few questions:
* How many of Kurtz’s regulars from CNN will want to join him in the Fox News studios?
* Will journalists who’ve been “blacklisted” by Fox News — people like the Washington Post’s Paul Farhi — be allowed on Kurtz’s show? (I wrote about this in my Fox PR feature last year.) UPDATE: “I’ve been on the show a number of times over the years, including last Sunday,” says Farhi. “Frankly, I have no idea what this means for my glamorous TV career. But I’m always happy to talk to anyone who wants to talk to me.”
* I was told last year: At Fox News, “there is an internal email distribution list [and] producers email this list to say who their upcoming guests are. The purpose of the list is to allow [Fox PR execs] Brian Lewis and Irena [Briganti] to vet the guests to make sure no journalist on their enemies list gets on the air.” Will Kurtz have to give his guest list to Fox PR in advance?

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