Morning Report for June 20, 2013

* Times-Picayune will launch its TP Street tabloid next Monday. (
* Columbia journalism school is revamping its curriculum for the digital era. (
* Star-Ledger’s Mark Di Ionno: “I was friends with Jim Gandolfini during our freshman year at Rutgers.” (
* From the archives: Star-Ledger columnist says he’s responsible for Gandolfini’s head “dent.” (
* NYT piece from 1988 mentioning Gandolfini as a 26-year-old “who seems to thrive on the apartment-hopping life.” (@samir) | The feature: (
* University of Louisiana at Lafayette pays $31,000 for a photocopied “Confederacy of Dunces” manuscript. (
* ABC News puts PR man Dan Abrams in the “Nightline” anchor seat. (
* Report: Time Inc. saves millions by switching to a thinner paper stock. (
* A.H. Belo CEO Robert Decherd will make $300,000 a year — after he retires. (
* Conspiracy theorists say Michael Hastings’ death was a government hit. (
* Hastings’ wife is unhappy with New York Times’ obituary. (
* Why is modern poetry so bad? (Harper’s piece names names.) (
* Boston Globe launches a $3.99/month iPhone app. (