Oregonian to cut home delivery to four days a week – or is it three? – beginning October

The Oregonian will continue to be published daily, but the paper will be delivered to homes only on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, beginning Oct. 1. oregon

“Employees of OregonLive.com and The Oregonian are being informed of their status in the new companies,” says the paper’s announcement, and “the company will strive throughout this process to treat all employees with the professionalism and respect that they deserve.”

UPDATE: This line in the Oregonian’s announcement confused me and others, and led me to believe that the paper will be delivered three days a week, with the Saturday paper delivered on Sunday: “Home delivery will be Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, and include the Saturday edition as a bonus.” I called publisher Chris Anderson and he said the paper will be delivered to homes four days a week. BUT…. this is what his announcement says: “Those home delivery subscribers that choose the three-day subscription option will also have access to a digital edition seven days a week.”

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