Bloomberg BNA boss apologizes for snack pantry surveillance memo, says cameras won’t be installed

Earlier today, Bloomberg BNA employees were told that surveillance cameras would be put in the snack pantry to stop people from stuffing treats into bags and taking them home.

The company has now backed off on that plan. Here’s the memo from BBNA president Darren McKewen.

From: BBNA Broadcasts
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2013 4:28 PM
Subject: About the Pantry Abuse Memo

I’m sorry for the approach we took today about the abuse of the pantry. We’re not going to be installing cameras to monitor food and drink. nevermind

The pantry is a special benefit to BNA employees, and we ask that everyone be respectful and use their best judgment in consuming the food and drinks we offer. When a few people fill back packs and shopping bags with dozens of items, that kind of abuse hurts everybody. Please show common sense, as most of you have done, so we can keep a well-stocked pantry for all to enjoy.


* Bloomberg BNA to put surveillance cameras in the snack pantry (