Ex-Oregonian reporter starts fund drive for laid off journalists

Drinks for laid off Oregonian staffers (over 35 today, reports Willamette Week)

University of Oregon Daily Emerald publisher and former Oregonian staffer Ryan Frank tells Romenesko readers about the fundraising efforts:

We started as a bar tab fund for the first night. There are more layoffs today. So we’ll keep a tab open at the bar across from The Oregonian, Higgins. Starting tomorrow, we’ll shift the fundraising to focus on building an employee fund.

I just ran the numbers. We’ve raised $3,512 through our direct fundraising. (Many others sent money directly to Higgins [Restaurant and Bar] yesterday.)

At this point, we’re making the tab available for food and drinks at Higgins. As for how we plan to distribute the money after tonight, we’re still working on that. I’ll probably see about getting former Oregonian staff on a board to help manage the distribution. But I’m working on that now. I need to connect with folks who did something similar in New Orleans to learn more.

Readers can donate or send comments to the staff at oregonianfund.com.

We’ll expand that page next week to include disclosures on fundraising, etc.

* More than 35 newsroom staffers laid off at the Oregonian (wweek.com)
* Follow the fundraising progress on Frank’s Twitter feed (@rfrank_emerald)