Morning Report for June 21, 2013

journo* The full Journolist listserv archive — the one that Andrew Breitbart was willing to pay $100,000 for in 2010 — is now online. (
* A freelance writer who made $45K in the first six months of 2013 says “it’s possible to succeed in this gig economy [but] it’s also exhausting.” (
* A grammar columnist writes after meeting Randy Newman: “Is anything better than talking to one of your idols about grammar?” ( via Charles Apple)
* BuzzFeed business editor: “We’re more likely to do enterprise pieces on Urban Outfitters or Abercrombie than we might be on Walmart.” (
* Patriots owners decide not to bid for the Boston Globe. (
* People are leaving flowers and notes at the site where Michael Hastings died. (
* editor denies that the Danger Room blog is history. (
* “I request three memorial celebrations of my life,” Al Neuharth wrote in his will. (
* Examination of Al-Monitor content “shows a distinct tendency to mirror the Assad regime’s version of events.” (
* Sree Sreenivasan leaves Columbia for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (
* “I won’t be clicking on your Instagram video, no matter how much you want me to.” (
* Publishers Weekly’s “The Battle of $9.99″ e-book is a rush-job: “It took less than a month from inception of the idea to having the book available to consumers at digital retailers.” (
* The Architect of the Capitol wants the newspaper boxes at the Capitol South Metro Station removed. (
* Freedom Communications gets into the naming rights business. (
* Spotted on the IRE conference bulletin board: Amarillo Independent sale notice. (@TWallack)
* Friday fun: David Letterman leaves his CBS studio and takes a ride with Jerry Seinfeld. (