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* The Oregonian advertises for reporters just days after laying off dozens of staffers. (
hiring* “I’d almost arrest Glenn Greenwald,” says CNBC talker and New York Timesman Andrew Ross Sorkin. (
* Paywall revenue helped the newspaper industry slow its decline in 2012. (
* Rowhani to Rouhani: AP changes its spelling for Iran’s president-elect. (
* “New Day” looks promising for CNN, but trails cable-news rivals in ratings. (
* BuzzFeed editorial director Scott Lamb quietly leaves the company to work on a new project. (
* New Jersey school board to take another look at policy that has that the principal reading the student paper before it’s published. (
* Social shares are replacing uniques and page views. (
* U.S. Border Patrol wins Investigative Reporters and Editors’ first Golden Padlock Award. (
* Steve Outing’s blog has been renamed Media Disruptus. (
vag* A Wisconsin newspaper won’t allow the v-word in a “Vagina Monologues” ad. ( | Jim Spice points out that the Ashland Daily Press has printed the word vagina in the past. “Twice in fact,” he writes. “However, penis is conspicuously missing.”
* WWD’s Erik Maza and NYDN’s Lach Cartwright aren’t really “pals,” I’m guessing (@LachCartwright)

The “Twat Situation” graphic that was posted here and elsewhere never aired on Milwaukee NBC affiliate WTMJ, according to a station executive.

Steve Wexler

Steve Wexler

“It appears that someone with too much time on their hands and a sophomoric sense of humor used software to alter the pictures and distribute them,” writes Journal Broadcast Group executive vice president Steve Wexler.

His email:

As you can imagine, the purported graphic mistake during our coverage of the SWAT incident in Shorewood that you published got our attention. While we’re not perfect, we do work hard to be careful, especially during fast-breaking news situations.

In this case, it appears that the photo you mentioned and linked to, was in fact a hoax.

We went through our entire coverage of Friday’s events, frame-by-frame, and couldn’t find the alleged error. We received no calls or complaints from viewers.

We have compared the supposed “screen shot” that you publicized to an actual shot that did make it on air. As you can see, the fonts are close but not exact replicas.

I’m not claiming that we don’t sometimes make mistakes. When we do, we deserve the criticism that follows. But in this case, it appears that someone with too much time on their hands and a sophomoric sense of humor used software to alter the pictures and distribute them.

A correction and an apology seem in order.

Steve Wexler
Executive Vice President
Journal Broadcast Group
720 E. Capitol Dr.
Milwaukee, WI


* Graphic was posted on the Facebook page of WOKY-AM’s Gregory Jon (

Tweets from the American Society of News Editors convention in Washington, D.C. (Gracia Martore is Gannett’s CEO):

* Read more #ASNE13 tweets ( | Convention info (

I’m told that “every writer hates and resents this,” and that it’s “quintessential Gawker terrorizing its own staff.” This memo is from the head of Gawker Media community development.

From: Lauren Bertolini
Date: Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 11:57 AM
Subject: Author stats are back
To: edit
Cc: Jeremy Chase

The new stats page that Nick [Denton] sent around a few weeks back is ready. You can access it here – just plug your site name into the URL.

Rather than using tables, the new stats page charts your pageviews and uniques with beautiful, interactive graphs.

We’re going to continue to build these out, so send along any feedback or ideas. You can also send high fives to Jeremy, the developer who put this all together.


* Check the traffic stats of your favorite Gawker Media writer

How Rob Hart figured out that something was up at the Sun-Times just before he and the paper’s other photographers were laid off:

I got a phone call from my photo editor and he wanted to know the serial numbers off of our equipment. Anyone who’s ever worked at a newspaper knows that when they call you and ask what equipment do you have, that’s your last day.

And then we got an email at 5:30, after all of our assignments had gone out for the next day, that said you have to come downtown for a meeting, which they never invite us downtown. We’ve never had the entire photo staff in one place, ever. That was the first and last time we were all in the same place. …They had an extra security guard at the door of the editorial floor. When I saw that extra security guard there, I was like, OK, this is going down.

* Video podcast with two laid off Sun-Times photographers (
* We are the Chicago Sun-Times photography department (

* Will Bunch, Jay Rosen and Erik Wemple on David Gregory’s “extraordinary” question for Glenn Greenwald. ( | ( | (
* Has Greenwald become something other than a reporter? asks Paul Farhi. (
* Facebook’s working on a Flipboard-like news reader. (
* Times-Picayune’s TP Street tabloid debuts today. (
* David Warsh: Have newspapers retreated from the watchdog role they assumed during their “golden age”? (
cohenlives* Leonard Cohen “is very much alive,” the New York Times notes in a correction. (
* Ad sales for magazines’ iPad editions were up 24% in the first quarter. (
* “We’re doing very well,” says the president of Advance’s MLive Media Group. Reaction: 235 comments. (
* A Milwaukee woman has 25 old typewriters, and she’s looking for at least one more. (
* We’re seeing more magazines with four or more front covers, “as if a printing press had run amok.” (
* Michael Hastings told friends last Monday about his “need to go off the radar for a bit.” (
* RIP Austin Goodrich, a CBS News and IHT freelancer who also worked for the CIA. (
* Digital First Media CEO John Paton scolds news execs who live in the past and refuse to take risks. (
* Journalists are more likely to shrug off criticism than others, says a veteran newsman. Most people read what’s in the paper about themselves and see it as etched in stone. (
* For fun: Professional liar pitches a poop story to St. Paul Pioneer Press reporter Bob Shaw. (He’s skeptical.) (
* Hearst’s Dr. Oz magazine to debut in 2014. (
* Gawker’s sued by unpaid interns. (
* AOL Reader’s simplicity “might be just what you’re after,” says reviewer. ( | (
* Fifty lessons from Carl Sessions Stepp’s 50 years in journalism. (
* University of Oregon starts its third search for a new j-school dean. (