Afternoon Report for June 24, 2013

* The Oregonian advertises for reporters just days after laying off dozens of staffers. (
hiring* “I’d almost arrest Glenn Greenwald,” says CNBC talker and New York Timesman Andrew Ross Sorkin. (
* Paywall revenue helped the newspaper industry slow its decline in 2012. (
* Rowhani to Rouhani: AP changes its spelling for Iran’s president-elect. (
* “New Day” looks promising for CNN, but trails cable-news rivals in ratings. (
* BuzzFeed editorial director Scott Lamb quietly leaves the company to work on a new project. (
* New Jersey school board to take another look at policy that has that the principal reading the student paper before it’s published. (
* Social shares are replacing uniques and page views. (
* U.S. Border Patrol wins Investigative Reporters and Editors’ first Golden Padlock Award. (
* Steve Outing’s blog has been renamed Media Disruptus. (
vag* A Wisconsin newspaper won’t allow the v-word in a “Vagina Monologues” ad. ( | Jim Spice points out that the Ashland Daily Press has printed the word vagina in the past. “Twice in fact,” he writes. “However, penis is conspicuously missing.”
* WWD’s Erik Maza and NYDN’s Lach Cartwright aren’t really “pals,” I’m guessing (@LachCartwright)