Gawker Media author traffic stats are back

I’m told that “every writer hates and resents this,” and that it’s “quintessential Gawker terrorizing its own staff.” This memo is from the head of Gawker Media community development.

From: Lauren Bertolini
Date: Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 11:57 AM
Subject: Author stats are back
To: edit
Cc: Jeremy Chase

The new stats page that Nick [Denton] sent around a few weeks back is ready. You can access it here – just plug your site name into the URL.

Rather than using tables, the new stats page charts your pageviews and uniques with beautiful, interactive graphs.

We’re going to continue to build these out, so send along any feedback or ideas. You can also send high fives to Jeremy, the developer who put this all together.


* Check the traffic stats of your favorite Gawker Media writer