Morning Report for June 24, 2013

* Will Bunch, Jay Rosen and Erik Wemple on David Gregory’s “extraordinary” question for Glenn Greenwald. ( | ( | (
* Has Greenwald become something other than a reporter? asks Paul Farhi. (
* Facebook’s working on a Flipboard-like news reader. (
* Times-Picayune’s TP Street tabloid debuts today. (
* David Warsh: Have newspapers retreated from the watchdog role they assumed during their “golden age”? (
cohenlives* Leonard Cohen “is very much alive,” the New York Times notes in a correction. (
* Ad sales for magazines’ iPad editions were up 24% in the first quarter. (
* “We’re doing very well,” says the president of Advance’s MLive Media Group. Reaction: 235 comments. (
* A Milwaukee woman has 25 old typewriters, and she’s looking for at least one more. (
* We’re seeing more magazines with four or more front covers, “as if a printing press had run amok.” (
* Michael Hastings told friends last Monday about his “need to go off the radar for a bit.” (
* RIP Austin Goodrich, a CBS News and IHT freelancer who also worked for the CIA. (
* Digital First Media CEO John Paton scolds news execs who live in the past and refuse to take risks. (
* Journalists are more likely to shrug off criticism than others, says a veteran newsman. Most people read what’s in the paper about themselves and see it as etched in stone. (
* For fun: Professional liar pitches a poop story to St. Paul Pioneer Press reporter Bob Shaw. (He’s skeptical.) (
* Hearst’s Dr. Oz magazine to debut in 2014. (
* Gawker’s sued by unpaid interns. (
* AOL Reader’s simplicity “might be just what you’re after,” says reviewer. ( | (
* Fifty lessons from Carl Sessions Stepp’s 50 years in journalism. (
* University of Oregon starts its third search for a new j-school dean. (