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* InsideClimate News and Arkansas Times team up to cover the ExxonMobil oil spill in Mayflower. (
* Nick Kristof, Charles Lewis and others win the Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism. (
* How to tell the story of a fire through photographs. (“Our summer intern, Zack Anderson, of Cedarville University in OH, really did a great job with this Storify,” writes Dennis Hetzel.) (
digg* Digg Reader debuts. ( | “Promising … but incomplete.” ( | Inside Digg’s race to build the product. (
* Say it isn’t so, Snuffleupagus! Sesame Workshop cuts 30 employees, or about 10% of its workforce. (
* CNN is pulling the plug on CNN Radio. (
* Vice magazine brouhaha has Clancy Martin thinking about suicide and why we should talk more about it. (
* UNITY calls on the news industry to make diversity a business imperative. (
* Longtime National Geographic photography director Robert E. Gilka is dead at 96. (
* PSA: Get a 3-month New York Times all-access digital pass for just a buck. (You don’t have to be in DC to get it.) (
* Howard Kurtz is going to be a grandpa. (

* Clark Kent on Twitter (@CK1Blogs) | h/t @kibblesmith
* Earlier: Here’s what would happen if Clark Kent tried to get a newspaper job today (

Letter to Romenesko
From DANE S. CLAUSSEN: While the New York Times standards editor writes about the staff’s use of “famously,” they really need to fix their use of “picked at” when they are talking about people eating.

From the Times:

* June 22, 2013: “Another evening, as she picked at a salmon fillet in SoHo, the question led her to a one-word reminder that appears on her smartphone every …”

* May 29, 2013: “The runners, on the other hand, picked at their food, taking in almost 200 fewer calories than they had burned while running. The runners also …”

* May 5, 2013: “Mr. Olden said two weeks ago as he picked at the turkey burger he had ordered.”

* April 21, 2013: “….while Ms. Jones, 41, picked at a bass. The subway car …”

* March 9, 2013: “He shook his head, picked at the greens. ‘I guess it’s true,’ he said. ‘Nothing lasts forever.’ Lasting Memories. Except that is not exactly true.”

January 4, 2013: “‘She wouldn’t even let me in a class,’ Mr. Fleischer said last month, as he picked at hash browns with melted cheese in the nearly empty Pacific …”

* Nov. 30, 2012: “picked at cookies and crudités….”

* Oct. 13, 2012: “She ordered a spinach salad and an edamame salad from a deli, but only picked at them.”

* Sept. 18, 2012: “sitting alone with a white legal pad and a pen as he picked at a vegetarian breakfast burrito….”

* July 7, 2012: “But over dinner at a trendy St. Louis restaurant, he picked at his chicken…”

* April 9, 2012: “Phyllis Spielberger, a retired hat seller at Bendel’s, picked at a plastic dish of beets and corn….”

* January 9, 2013: “Even at the open mike, as students picked at potato chips and pineapple slices…..”

Doesn’t anyone simply eat anymore, or is everyone now eating, pardon me, picky?

Rem Rieder, who has been American Journalism Review editor for nearly 22 years, is joining USA Today as full time media editor. “[He] brings us a combination of traditional media sensibilities and new media entrepreneurship that will help us develop our media coverage across all our beats and all of our platforms,” USA Today editor-in-chief Dave Callaway tells his staff.

University of Maryland Visiting Professor in Digital Innovation Leslie Walker and Capital News Service Multimedia Bureau Director Sean Mussenden have been named AJR interim editors.

The USA Today memo:

From: Callaway, David
Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 2:32 PM
To: USAT ED Newsgroup;
Cc: Kramer, Larry; Murphy, Derek
Subject: Rem Rieder

Folks, I’m excited to announce that Rem Rieder, who has been writing a weekly media column for us for the last several months, has agreed to join us full time as our new media editor.



Rem, who currently is editor of the American Journalism Review, brings us a combination of traditional media sensibilities and new media entrepreneurship that will help us develop our media coverage across all our beats and all of our platforms.

These days every company is a media company and everybody a media personality. Rem will help us explore that phenomenon both through his column and his stewardship of our coverage. He also will be a huge help as we build out the Gannett Global News Desk and continue to train staff in real-time and enterprise news coverage.

Before AJR, Rem had long and impressive stints at the Washington Post and Miami Herald, among other stops. He will report to David Craig and start work July 15. Please join me in welcoming Rem.

Cheers. Dave

* Rieder named media editor of USA Today (

UPDATE: This is from AJR and the University of Maryland —

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Rem Rieder, the editor and senior vice president of American Journalism Review (AJR), is moving to USA Today as the newspaper’s media editor.

“After 21-and-a-half wonderful years at AJR, I’ve very excited about this new opportunity,” Rieder said. “I’ll be writing columns about the media and augmenting USA Today’s coverage of this dynamic and important subject. I’m looking forward to joining President and Publisher Larry Kramer and Editor-in-Chief Dave Callaway as they transform USA Today for the digital era.”/CONTINUES Read More

Tweets from a fashionable Detroit news anchor (he’s wearing Trump!):

* All of the botched reporting on last night’s Detroit fireworks chaos (
* Police department account doesn’t match what’s reported on social media (

“I’d almost arrest Glenn Greenwald,” New York Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin said on CNBC Monday morning.

- Andrew Ross Sorkin apologizing to Glenn Greenwald on CNBC today

– Andrew Ross Sorkin apologizing to Glenn Greenwald on CNBC today

Sorkin now says “I put my foot in my mouth” when making that remark “and I’m sorry I said it.” Here’s what he told viewers this morning:

I’d like to address something I said about Snowden yesterday in relation to that Snowden story and Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist who broke the Snowden story. I put my foot in my mouth and I’m sorry about this, when I veered into hyperbole and suggested that he almost be arrested. That was the quote, and I have to say it didn’t come out right and I misspoke. I’m sorry I said it that way, and I’m sorry I said it. I didn’t realize actually the way I said it until later when i saw the clip. ….

On my comment on Greenwald, I regret it. We do live TV for three hours every single day and sometimes we make a mistake, say things we don’t mean. We hope when we do, we acknowledge it and correct it and i wanted to do that here on this program.

* Andrew Ross Sorkin comments on his Glenn Greenwald remark (
* What Sorkin said on Monday (transcript is at the end of the post) (

SUNTIMESA Romenesko reader sent this freelance-rates memo from Pioneer Press Newspapers photo editor Geoff Scheerer. (Pioneer Press is Sun-Times Media’s chain of suburban papers.) Assignments from the flagship Chicago Sun-Times might pay better, Scheerer notes.

From: Scheerer, Geoff
Date: Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 6:15 PM
Subject: Rates, expectations, etc.
To: [Dozens of names]

Hi all,

It’s been about four weeks since I started booking all of the photo freelance assignments for all of the STM suburban papers.

Even though STM rates were supposed to be locked in, I’m learning that not everyone was being paid the same rates.

Now that I’ve been given a hardcore budget for the rest of the year I need to clarify rates and what is expected from the assignments.

These are effective for any assignments 6/24 and going forward.

News/feature assignment, still photos only : $65

News/feature assignment, still photos and video : $85 (only if video is asked for, not on spec)

Sports assignment, still photos only : $90

Sports assignment, still photos and video : $110 (only if video is asked for, not on spec)

Sports assignments, multi-team $???? (see below)

Keeping in mind that not all assignments are the same or present the same possibilities for photos here are a few expectations./CONTINUES Read More

* McClatchy CEO says there’s “zero percent” possibility in the next five years of the chain cutting back or eliminating daily publishing at any of its 30 newspapers. (
BOOKS* Pew Research: 75% of younger Americans say they’ve read at least one book in print in the past year, compared with 64% of adults ages 30 and older. (
* “You are one tweet away from being fired,” and 25 other Twitter rules from the Globe & Mail’s media reporter. (
* Tribune appeals tax bill that could exceed $500 million; the process could take years to resolve. (
* Journalists run for cover as Taliban militants launch attack on Afghanistan’s presidential palace. (
* Ukrainian businessman buys Forbes Ukraine after the magazine investigates him. (
* New York Times writers’ love of famously appears undiminished, says the paper’s standards editor. (
* What one journalist learned from meeting Richard Nixon: Always have a question ready. (
* Vine videos are being posted to Twitter at the rate of 9 per second. (
* Page Six: CBS anchor Scott Pelley was ordered to apologize for rubbing colleagues the wrong way. (

I asked Express who should get credit for this. Executive editor Dan Caccavaro replied:

It was kind of a group effort. The idea came up in a news meeting as one of those, “We couldn’t really do that, could we?” ideas. But when one of our brilliant art directors, Jon Benedict, mocked it up, we knew we had to do it.


* “One of the best front pages I’ve seen in a while” (@SladeHV) | Express website (