Morning Report for June 25, 2013

* McClatchy CEO says there’s “zero percent” possibility in the next five years of the chain cutting back or eliminating daily publishing at any of its 30 newspapers. (
BOOKS* Pew Research: 75% of younger Americans say they’ve read at least one book in print in the past year, compared with 64% of adults ages 30 and older. (
* “You are one tweet away from being fired,” and 25 other Twitter rules from the Globe & Mail’s media reporter. (
* Tribune appeals tax bill that could exceed $500 million; the process could take years to resolve. (
* Journalists run for cover as Taliban militants launch attack on Afghanistan’s presidential palace. (
* Ukrainian businessman buys Forbes Ukraine after the magazine investigates him. (
* New York Times writers’ love of famously appears undiminished, says the paper’s standards editor. (
* What one journalist learned from meeting Richard Nixon: Always have a question ready. (
* Vine videos are being posted to Twitter at the rate of 9 per second. (
* Page Six: CBS anchor Scott Pelley was ordered to apologize for rubbing colleagues the wrong way. (