Afternoon Report for June 26, 2013

* Cablevision shutters Newsday Westchester. I’m told that 31 people were laid off. ( | (
newsday* A freelancer reporter loses her $35/story gig after voicing her opinion at a meeting she was covering. (
* The reader who sends this link about cable news’ Texas filibuster noncoverage writes: “You know you’re in a sad state of affairs when Time magazine is basically calling your medium obsolete.” (
* Frank Rich: Try to name one piece of news that David Gregory has broken. (
* Baltimore’s police spokesman is transferred after 28 people are shot in just a few days. The department wants to refocus its message. (
* “The Koch Brothers are very active in media already,” John Nichols said at this morning’s National Press Club event. (
* Bloomberg News reporter had 18 ledes ready for today’s Supreme Court rulings. (
* Glenn Greenwald: “My personal life, like pretty much everyone’s, is complex and sometimes messy.” (
* The new editor of UK’s Sun says Page 3 topless women will stay because they’re “a good way of selling newspapers.” (
* CNN’s revived “Crossfire” won’t have a live audience. (
* Teens describe the stories they wished their school newspapers covered. (
* Tony Rogers: “Let’s once and for all declare the death of the death of newspapers.” (
* “Anyone who thinks print is dead should answer newsroom phones when print subscribers don’t get their papers bc of production issues.” (@jenniferamur) | Production problems prompt Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to lower its paywall. (
* Jaweed Kaleem of the Huffington Post placed first in the 2013 American Academy of Religion Award for Best In-Depth Newswriting on Religion. Jessica Ravitz of CNN placed second, and G. Jeffrey MacDonald, writing for the Christian Science Monitor, placed third. (