Morning Report for June 26, 2013

* Chicago aldermen want the Tribune sold to locals who will guarantee “fair, accurate, impartial and non-ideological reporting.” (
globe* Boston Globe bids are due Thursday. The paper is expected to sell for up to $150 million. ( | (
* San Francisco Examiner accuses the Chronicle of charging advertisers “secretly low prices” to take business away from the smaller paper. (
* CNN’s blasted for failing to cover the Texas filibuster properly. ( | NYT at 4:16 a.m.: “Texas abortion bill appears to win final approval.” (@jdsharpe)
* “No one doubts that the future [of newspapers] will be digital. But there’s a sense that many obituaries for print were premature.” (
* Fewer than a dozen Dow Jones employees have taken the company’s buyout offer. (
* “Truth isn’t always found in the middle,” and more lessons from Carl Sessions Stepp. (
* It’s official: CNN’s bringing back “Crossfire.” (
* Rihanna blasts journalist who called her a “toxic role model.” (
* Praise for New York Post’s “Czar Wars” cover. (@Timodc)
* Paula Deen’s ratings were sliding long before the racial slurs controversy. (