Editor: ‘Sun-Times remains committed to cultural coverage’

Retired Chicago Sun-Times book editor Henry Kisor wrote this morning that the paper’s “regular coverage of the literary world will end” when the book pages and Sunday Show entertainment section are folded into the “gaudy Splash! celeb-and-style section” on July 14.

I sent Kisor’s link to Sun-Times editor Jim Kirk and he came back with this statement:

Sunday Splash becomes the destination for entertainment, culture and style.splash The section will have an entertainment focus, with both local and national entertainment personalities featured on the cover on a regular basis. The Chicago Sun-Times remains committed to cultural coverage. Our critics and cultural reports, including books coverage, will be prominent components of our daily and Sunday products, both in print and online.

* R.I.P. Chicago Sun-Times books (henrykisor.blogspot.com)