Morning Report for June 27, 2013

* Glenn Greenwald’s “a man of superficial contradictions.” ( | (
* “False balance is a real bugaboo” with readers, says New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan. (
o* Ken Doctor: Is the Oregonian ready for prime time as a digital-heavy company? Not yet, certainly. (
* What should the Oregonian Fund do with the money its raised? (
* “I certainly wasn’t looking for a new job — I loved what I was doing at Columbia,” says Sree Sreenivasan. (
* Yahoo! News gets a new look. (
* Watch yesterday’s Guild-hosted discussion about the Koch brothers and Tribune. (
* Fifteen minutes of fame for SCOTUSblog intern. (
* Vogue editor Anna Wintour tweets for the first time via @voguemagazine. (
* Reporters should get out more, says a veteran editor. (
* Letter to Prudie: “My publisher is not a receptive person when it comes to change.” (
* An academic’s rules for Twitter, and reaction to them. (