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UPDATE: Profit at LAT parent Tribune Co. falls 41% in Q1 (

My Los Angeles Times tipster reports: “The layoff includes about half the graphics department — which until today was 14 people — and a Metro reporter in Orange County.”

Date: June 28, 2013, 5:48:26 PM PDT
To: yyeditall
Subject: Message from [editor] Davan Maharaj and [managing editor] Marc Duvoisin

To the staff:

We’ve just completed a modest round of staff reductions.

Losing even a small number of colleagues is difficult. Losing them in a close-knit newsroom where we all work together for a common purpose is even harder.

But it does not alter our mission or our focus on the future.
We will continue to reshape the newsroom to enhance our digital report, from breaking news to narrative and investigative projects. That will require us to keep developing our multimedia skills–within the newsroom and with new recruits.

The redesign of is set to launch this fall. It will greatly enhance the reader experience and give us a wealth of new tools for presenting stories, graphics, photos and video. The redesign will build on recent improvements, such as the new template for Column One, the groundbreaking work of our data team and our steadily expanding real-time coverage of the news.

We’re both available to respond to questions or concerns.

–Davan and Marc

* IRE keynote speaker Marcela Turati: “We Mexican journalists have become war reporters in our own country.” (
* How the Texas Tribune handled the filibuster traffic. (
boston* Boston founder is ordered to pay the Boston Herald $132,000 in court costs after losing his defamation suit. (
* Craig Kanalley: “I’m going to be looking to do a lot of experiments, just trying lots of new ideas” as Buffalo Sabres social media editor. ( | He wraps it up at HuffPost: “That’s it! #greatmemories.” (@ckanal)
* Gawker will give $200,000 to charity after no source comes forward with the Mayor Rob Ford crack video. (
* Herb Greenberg recalls when his son came out eight years ago. “We were completely blindsided,” he writes. (
* Twenty-two things journalists know to be true. (
* Citysearch lays off 95% of its staff. “Traffic has been declining steadily over the last 12 months to the point where the site is now down roughly 80% YOY,” says a memo. a (
* Winners of the Casey Medals are announced. (They’re for excellence in reporting on children, youth and families.) (
* Gannett Government Media orders third-quarter furloughs. (

newzell “Sam Zell’s new gig?” writes the Tribune Co. newspaper employee who sent this image. No, the tipster reports; it’s from the Glastonbury Music Festival. “It is actually an image of the founder.”

How was SCOTUSblog’s traffic this week?
I asked publisher Tom Goldstein and he tells Romenesko readers:

Our hits were Mon 1M, Tues 1M, Wed 2.2M. On the final liveblog, people clicked into the window 1M times on the various sites. There were 330k on at one time. [The average traffic on a typical day] depends on whether the Court is in session. If so, then 60,000 hits for a non-Court day [and] 120,000 for a Court day.

* | @scotusblog


The head of News Express in India says: “You cannot ride on someone’s back for a story. We terminated him on Tuesday.”
Fired reporter Narayan Pargaien contends: “This was entirely the cameraman’s fault, who, it seems, almost tried to sabotage my career by shooting from that distance and angle and releasing the video mocking this whole incident, and making me the villain.”

* Shoulder-riding India floods reporter blames cameraman “sabotage” (

The PR people at Amtrak not only give standard information in a release about their new advanced technology locomotives, they suggest tweets too.

From the press release:

Here are suggested tweets:

Made in America, the #Amtrak Cities Sprinter provides work for 69 suppliers in 23 states. #Siemenslocomotive.

I just saw the #Amtrak Cities Sprinter pass through my community! #Siemenslocomotive

Get ready Wilmington! The #Amtrak Cities Sprinter is headed east for testing.

Train traveling this week? If you see the #Amtrak Cities Sprinter snap a pic and share it with @Amtrak.

The full release is after the jump. Read More

Letter to Romenesko

FROM A McCLATCHY JOURNALIST: On June 25, you mentioned how McClatchy CEO Patrick Talamantes says there is “zero percent” chance that we’ll be cutting back or eliminating daily publishing.

On Wednesday, the chain’s Belleville (Ill.) News-Democrat told us we’ll be having 5 days of mandatory furloughs this summer. MC

You can’t make up timing like that.

The five days affect everyone at the paper except advertising and circulation, and the days have to be taken between the end of July to the beginning of October. They don’t want us to carry the days into the holiday season and stack them with vacation time — then we’d really be short on people. They say we’re still a profitable paper and supposedly the BND is one of the last (the last?) McClatchy paper to have to take furloughs.

Have you heard anything from the other papers?

This announcement comes after McClatchy announced a few weeks ago that its reporters will have to clock in and clock out and take precise lunch breaks. Seriously. Nothing like being “rigorous and tough” from the comforts of your desk. Oh wait, Talamantes was talking about cost cutting, not reporting.

The BND sent no official email/memo about the furloughs in order to prevent us from forwarding the details on to worrying shareholders or, well, you. [A memo was sent at 11:15 a.m. today. It’s after the jump.]

Yes, I have heard from people at other McClatchy papers. The Miami Herald also announced furloughs this week. Here’s the publisher’s memo:

From: Landsberg, David
Date: Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 4:46 PM
Subject: 2nd Half Furlough
To: MIA All Herald Users

To all Herald staff:

Today we are announcing a one-week furlough program for most full-time employees who work a regularly scheduled 40-hour week, including all executives and senior managers.

Details about the program can be accessed by clicking on this [internal] link to HR Forms on HeraldHub. Employees will have until December 29, 2013 to complete their furloughs. Each division will manage its own process for sign-up and scheduling furloughs.

While we continue to make a profit, we are still experiencing year-to-year revenue losses. We are committed to generating new sources of revenue and new products to help bridge some of the losses. We know this is a hardship for everyone, and want to thank you for your continued understanding and hard work.

Is it the same story at other McClatchy papers? Please let me know.

The News-Democrat memo is after the jump. Read More

* At least six groups submit bids to buy the Boston Globe from the New York Times Co. “The dollar amounts of the bids were not immediately known,” writes Beth Healy. “Prior estimates have ranged from $70 million to $120 million.” (
* Shares of NYT hit a new 52-week high of $11.07. (
* “Best friends” Bert and Ernie celebrate gay marriage on the New Yorker’s cover. (
newyorker* Port editor says he was surprised by the reaction to his cover with six white male magazine editors. (
* America, a Catholic publication, stops using the words “liberal” and “conservative.” (
* AFL-CIO wants Tribune to call off its newspapers sale. (
* McKinsey consultants return to Conde Nast. (Second column item.) (
* Ira Glass explains why Terry Gross has a tougher interviewing job. (
* Jace Lacob quits Newsweek/Daily Beast to join BuzzFeed. (
* Jay Rosen: How I operate as a media critic. (
* Las Vegas TV reporter in hot water for failing to disclose her ties to a church featured in a news report. (
* Mail Online has lost five journalists to the New York Daily News website in the last two months. (
* Indianapolis Star shakes up its sports department, adds a weekly online show. (
* GateHouse newspapers ban anonymous comments. (
* Author Jon Krakauer is involved in “a crappy mess” in Alaska. (
* Google Reader replacements reviewed. (