Morning Report for June 28, 2013

* At least six groups submit bids to buy the Boston Globe from the New York Times Co. “The dollar amounts of the bids were not immediately known,” writes Beth Healy. “Prior estimates have ranged from $70 million to $120 million.” (
* Shares of NYT hit a new 52-week high of $11.07. (
* “Best friends” Bert and Ernie celebrate gay marriage on the New Yorker’s cover. (
newyorker* Port editor says he was surprised by the reaction to his cover with six white male magazine editors. (
* America, a Catholic publication, stops using the words “liberal” and “conservative.” (
* AFL-CIO wants Tribune to call off its newspapers sale. (
* McKinsey consultants return to Conde Nast. (Second column item.) (
* Ira Glass explains why Terry Gross has a tougher interviewing job. (
* Jace Lacob quits Newsweek/Daily Beast to join BuzzFeed. (
* Jay Rosen: How I operate as a media critic. (
* Las Vegas TV reporter in hot water for failing to disclose her ties to a church featured in a news report. (
* Mail Online has lost five journalists to the New York Daily News website in the last two months. (
* Indianapolis Star shakes up its sports department, adds a weekly online show. (
* GateHouse newspapers ban anonymous comments. (
* Author Jon Krakauer is involved in “a crappy mess” in Alaska. (
* Google Reader replacements reviewed. (