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zipcode* South Carolina reporter announces he’s off to work for GOP congressman Tom Rice, then stays at the paper for a while and gets a one-source Nikki Haley profile published. (Haley’s the source. I’ve asked the paper for comment.) ( item)
* Tribune CEO says TV deal won’t factor into decision on newspapers sale. (
* New York Times blogger Cliff Oxford requests thousands of dollars in “expenses” from a PR firm. (
* FYI: The zip ZIP code was introduced 50 years ago today. (New York Times clipping at the right.) (
* Wisconsin Center for Investigative Reporting will stay at UW-Madison. ( | Earlier: (
* “The multimedia team at the Post-Gazette really outdid themselves with this amazing Gettysburg interactive.” (@socialkimly)
* Newspapers and trade magazines are entering the singles publishing market more aggressively. (
* “Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead,” hacker writes on website after publisher is let go. (
* Andrew Sullivan now has 27,349 subscribers. (
* Check out where UC and Memphis are located on the ESPN map. (@Bri_Hen)
* “I don’t think there was a golden age in journalism before the Internet,” says Stephen Shepard. (
* ONA (Online News Association) moves into NPR’s headquarters. (@jimbradysp)
* Amy Nicholson is named fulltime film critic for Voice Media’s 11 publications. (PR Newswire)
* publisher and editorial director Leela de Kretser is leaving the company. (
* Digital First Media announces a profit-sharing plan. (
* Pasadena Sun folds. Its editor notes that “starting a newspaper is a crapshoot.” (
* CNN airs George Zimmerman’s social security and phone numbers. (
* Oregonian editor-in-chief in 2004: “Every newspaper should have the opportunity to publish every day.” (

Letter to Romenesko

From NANCY MOORE: Dear Mr. Romenesko, The first time I ever heard your name was when the Dallas, Texas, metropolitan daily newspaper (’cause there can’t be more than one, right?) that I worked for suspected me of being the one who gave you the tip [in 2008] that we employees were being told we were not allowed to caucus in the presidential primaries.

Nancy Moore

Nancy Moore

I was obviously NOT the one who gave you that tip, because I didn’t know what a “Romenesko” was the first time somebody in the newsroom said, “Romenesko is reporting that we were told we can’t caucus.” But I WAS the one who, as an art and entertainment writer low-on-the-totem-pole, brought it to the paper’s legal staff’s attention that the Voting Rights Act of Texas says, “Yall’s memo just broke the law.” They quickly wrote us a new memo about caucusing, which said, “Please do! Go caucus!” Anyway, that’s me — that’s who I am. I don’t work there anymore, since 2009 layoffs. But I’m actually writing to you to tell you a different story:

I’m a former teenage DJ who stumbled into Hollywood at the age of 17. This video clip (link below) explains my life story and how it relates to the news business, and the family caretaking business, and music, and Medicaid and taxes and crowdsourcing (all the kids are doin’ it!). Please, if you have 13 minutes to spare, view my video and share the link to my campaign, if you so desire.

I thank you for your time, and expertise! Thanks for “being Romenesko!”

* Help independent musician Nancy Moore save her family home

You’re welcome, Nancy – and good luck with your campaign.

“Use the words ‘desperate for employment'” in your story, journalist and author Rick Polito told me last October, when I wrote about his quirky “Wizard of Oz” synopsis going viral with credit to another reporter.

I did that, but Polito didn’t get any job offers. He continued freelancing, and picked up a few bucks (literally) ghosting for “Star Trek” legend George Takei’s Facebook page. The revelation that Takei doesn’t post everything on his own stunned some of his fans and made news worldwide.

A short time later, he was hired by Nutrition Business Journal. Polito tells Romenesko readers:

I will be senior editor at the Nutrition Business Journal covering the natural foods industry.

It’s eight blocks from my house and fits well with my ultimate career goal of being able to afford groceries. With the huge stay-at-home-dad gap in my resume, I’m tremendously grateful for the job.

I am still writing my TV column for the Pacific Sun and my Facebook fans. If anybody needs a “comedy monologue masquerading as a TV highlights column,” I’m open to all offers and arrangements. It’d be a great podcast for morning radio. I’ve done standup. I know the timing.

I’ll be looking for freelance work. I was a newspaper reporter in two states and have prizes for best feature writing in both. I can write funny and serious. I’m the only reporter in history who has witnessed a gas chamber execution and opened for Robin Williams in the same job.

* Rick Polito on writing, comedy and self-publishing (

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* Oct. 2012: “Oz” synopsis is going to follow writer to the grave
* June 2013: Polito is ghosting for George Takei while looking for work
* June 2013: Polito apologizes to Takei for going public with ghostwriting job

askHow did Albany (Ga.) Herald metro editor Carlton Fletcher get his “exclusive interview” with Paula Deen’s ex, Jimmy Deen?

The newsman tells Romenesko readers:

I had broken the story [in early May] about the group in Albany planning the Paula Deen Museum when I found out they had purchased Paula’s childhood home. In doing that story, I had an opportunity to talk with Jimmy. He called the next day to thank me for the article.
Last Thursday morning, he had a mutual friend contact me and tell me that he had been bombarded by journalists trying to get him to comment on Paula’s situation. He later told me he did not answer but one call and that the person who had called was extremely rude. Then, he said, his wife answered a call and the journalist hounded her even after she told the person her mother had just died. He was extremely angry and said he wanted to tell his story but he didn’t want to talk with any of the people who had been calling him. He asked if I’d mind doing the story and I said sure.

He talked with me about the situation – was very emotional and distraught – and then, after he’d purged a lot of his anger, I asked him specific questions. He was very forthcoming, did not refuse to answer any question. He called [Friday] to tell me the response to the story had been overwhelming.

* Paula Deen’s ex: Former employee is motivated by greed (

az* “The notion of journalist as political and ideological eunuch seems silly,” writes David Carr. ( | Why must we define a journalist? (
* Tribune buys 19 television stations from Local TV LLC for $2.725 billion. “It makes us the No. 1 local TV affiliate group in America,” notes the CEO. ( | Tribune already has 23 stations and WGN America superstation. (
* National Society of Newspaper Columnists names its contest winners, including Roger Ebert. (
* USC Annenberg now has a nine-month master’s degree in journalism. (It replaces a two-year program.) (
* Chicago Sun-Times editor-in-chief Jim Kirk gets the publisher title, too. ( | (press release)
* RE Dana Loesch vs. “Plaintiff’s counsel hereby gives notice that the above-captioned action is voluntarily dismissed with prejudice against Defendant.” (via court document forwarded to me) | Earlier: Loesch’s relationship with has gone “tragically awry.” (
* PDF of today’s Arizona Republic front page. (
* “I will be continuing my independent brand of media criticism” at Fox News, Howard Kurtz says on his final CNN broadcast. (
* Boston Herald says Red Sox owner’s interest in the Globe has some concerned. (
* It’s coming! Apple applies for the “iWatch” trademark in Japan. (
* Good to know: “There is no moral obligation to consume advertising,” says The Ethicist. (
* Guardian/Observer pulls NSA story after learning about source Wayne Madsen. ( | (
* Tribune Media Services apologizes for using Shylock as a crossword puzzle clue for the answer “Jew.” (
* “I thought of being a journalist once,” says Mick Jagger. (