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I’ve received a few emails in recent days from Patch people unhappy with Patch 2.0. One was from a former manager who said “I can speak to morale issues, tone deaf management and why the new website could be the final straw for employees here and for the company.” He requested “complete anonymity” before elaborating, which I guaranteed. He apparently got cold feet, though, and didn’t respond.

Today’s Patch email comes from a local editor, who writes:

I love Patch, it’s been a great job and compared to other companies in this industry, it has great pay and great benefits. However, from what I see on the ground, we are on our last legs.
Patch 2.0, the new site design that was supposed to revolutionize what we’re doing somehow has done little more than alienate our readers by decreasing the amount of news we can convey to them and infuriate Local Editors by removing tools we frequently used for our jobs.

They also introduced “Field Editors”, who I was told would be helping us on stories we can’t get to, and “Community Editors”, who apparently are supposed to answer questions on how the site works off our plate.

I can’t speak for everybody, but my Field Editor and Community Editor have not fulfilled these roles (I don’t think my Community Editor has ever been to my community), and when I try to mention this to managers, I’m chastised for “not being a team player.”

Then again, I can’t blame them too much, they’re paralyzed by the lack of organization in this company as well.

Meanwhile, the leadership of this company continues to congratulate itself on what a good job it’s doing while I am left to deal with angry locals, upset at things outside of my control.

This job was once a dream, but I fear the dream is ending. I hope I am wrong and I hope I can write you with positive news in the future.

I invite comment from Patch staffers. Post here or send me an email.


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