Sun-Times restaurant critic jumps to Chicago Tribune’s RedEye

Michael Nagrant tweeted that on May 1, believing that he had written his last restaurant review for the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Sun-Times did end up offering me a weekly food column after cutting the Friday section,” he tells me this morning, “but, as you know when one door closes….”

He continues:

Lots of folks came out of the woodwork [after tweeting his availability] to discuss new options and I was really excited by what’s going on at Redeye. It feels really different. There’s a real energy there. So I decided to try something new. I’ll have at least one column weekly, mix of reviews, features and even some social video.

His first RedEye column ran today.

* May 1: “So this is what an ex-Chicago food critic looks like…” (@MichaelNagrant)
* October 2011: Michael Nagrant is named Sun-Times food critic (