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* Syphilis, HIV cases reported in El Paso higher than last year (
* “El Paso. It’s All Good.” Campaign aims to improve city’s self image (

Longtime Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg writes on his blog:

Photography is a sore subject where I work, at least to me.

Neil Steinberg

Neil Steinberg

The newspaper laying off its entire photo staff leaves anyone who presumes to snap a photo afterward in an awkward position. Let’s be clear. There is no replacement for professional photographers. They have the skills. They have the experience. They have the eye, the connections, the equipment. I’m just as upset as anybody else about what happened but, unlike the critics, I work there, so don’t have the luxury of condemnation or mockery. I have to hope there’s a larger purpose, that survival of the paper is at stake.

* About the photographs (