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* Warren Buffett’s Tulsa World is laying off 50 employees over the next several months in a reorganization. “I hope there is relief with most that our path for the future is being laid out,” the paper’s president says in a memo. “Many times uncertainty about our future is the worst type of stress a person can have. I understand that transition is difficult, but we are taking steps to ensure our position as the premier news and information source for Tulsa and the surrounding areas.” (
texas* Texas reporters are blocked by cops from filming the arrest of abortion rights activists at the state Capitol. (At left: A reporter and an officer have a few words.) (
* Sportswriter Selena Roberts found a million-plus investment portfolio while cleaning out her late mother’s home. ( | Her reaction to the piece: (@selenaroopstigo)
* A Baltimore print reporter reinvents himself for TV news. “Thank God I was given this chance in television, because print jobs are hard to find,” says Stephen Janis. (
* Pew: Modest public interest in close of George Zimmerman trial. ( | The verdict delivers huge ratings for cable news channels. (
* Journalists still hate “The Newsroom.” ( | The show’s a hit! (
* One of Rafat Ali’s media-startup hiring tips: Make sure the candidates from old-school media companies can unlearn what they’ve learned before. (
* Ken Lerer: Sometimes it isn’t good for a startup to have a lot of money. (Daily Beast’s problem.) (
* New York Times story on working mothers treated fathers as afterthoughts, according to some readers. (
* Sacramento Bee joins nearly every other McClatchy paper in ordering one-week furloughs. From the memo: “We recognize that this announcement may be difficult for you and your family, given the financial implications. So, we’ve arranged for possible financial support through the McClatchy Credit Union.” (

In early June, the anti-Koch activists at Free Press sent birthday cakes (at right) to the eight Tribune newspaper newsrooms.notkoch

Bosses at the Chicago Tribune wouldn’t let employees enjoy the sugary treat because “we do not accept gifts.”

They don’t? Remember when the Boston Globe delivered boxes of doughnuts? The Tribune honchos happily accepted that gift.

“Next time maybe we’ll have to send a card instead,” Free Press’s Josh Stearns writes in an email.


* “Let them not eat cake,” and other comments on Facebook (

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From a county commission meeting story on (my boldface):

“Today’s not the day to do it,” said Sanders. “We’re here (for Nabors’ salary), not to be up here jewing over somebody’s pay. I can’t believe that you all would put a man down who has worked here for 26 years because he don’t have a high school education.”

Cheryl Sanders

Cheryl Sanders

Franklin County (Fla.) commission chairperson Cheryl Sanders‘ “jewing over somebody’s pay” quote appeared in an Apalachicola/ Carrabelle Times story written by city editor David Adlerstein. He tells me that he received “several startled inquiries” about the paper’s use of “jewing over,” even in a public official’s quote. [Clarification: “I did receive ‘several startled inquiries’ but they were entirely about Sanders’ use of the term, and not about the paper’s decision to use it in a quote,” Adlerstein tells me. “The hostile inquiries came from journalism pundits, who questioned my allowing the term in the paper without either expurgating it, characterizing it or decrying it.”]

“I have heard the expression on more than one occasion around these parts in my dozen years at the paper,” he writes in an email. “It doesn’t offend me, unless it’s used to describe someone who cheats you. But haggling and dickering? To me, it’s a proud trait of my tribe, and it’s a solid cut above cold-hearted stiffing someone with a pious grin. But that’s me.”

Adlerstein says he got a call from a reader who wanted him to listen to a tape of the commission hearing.

David Adlerstein

David Adlerstein

They weren’t sure they had heard what she said. I listened and it was unmistakable. I tend to put a lot of quotes in these sort of accounts, and it had been mentioned to me, so I included it. Only choice I had to make was whether to capitalize the word. I opted to keep it lower case, out of self-respect.

Chairperson Sanders told me over the phone: “I am not anti-Semitic and there was no malice toward anyone.” She added that “this has been blown out of proportion” and that county residents who questioned her use of the expression “have accepted my apology.” She hung up when I asked if she would forward the apology email she sent to locals.

* “We’re here (for Nabors’ salary), not to be up here jewing over somebody’s pay (24th graf) (

Actors playing Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward on “Drunk History”

A drunk Matt Gourley tells the story of Carl Bernstein, “Robert Woodward” and Watergate. At 4:40 into the clip, the college professor/comedian vomits, but quickly returns to his history lesson:

When Robert Woodward took his secret source to the Washington Post, he said, ‘My source is deep background. That means he cannot be identified.’ Their editor at the Washington Post said, ‘Yeah, you keep calling him Deep Background, but I’m going to call him Deep Throat,’ based on the pornography film that was very popular which dealt with natural ladies.

* Watergate explained on Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” (
* The drunkenness is not an act; a medic is on set at all times (
* The brilliance of “Drunk History” is its silly execution (

* The Onion, which was launched in Madison in 1988, will no longer have a print edition in that city. “The advertiser support was just not there,” says Capital Newspapers general manager Todd Sears.onion “We tried several things to make it work, but it just didn’t make financial sense to continue.” Onion co-founder Tim Keck says: “It’s sad to hear but of course it makes sense. The Onion in print is a parody of daily newspapers and college students don’t read daily newspapers anymore.” ( | (
* Meet Seth Reiss, the Onion’s head writer. (
* New Yorker writer Jane Mayer is the Koch brothers’ Public Enemy No. 1 in the media because of this story. The brothers’ lawyer calls it “ideologically slanted and a prime example of a disturbing trend in journalism, where agenda-driven advocacy masquerades as objective reporting.” (
* Former NRA president David Keene is named Washington Times opinion editor. (
* Rem Rieder: The saga of the bigoted, frustrated would-be law enforcement officer gunning down the helpless child was too good for the media to check out. ( | Zimmerman/Martin front pages: (
* George Zimmerman’s lawyer is ready to go after NBC News for police-call editing. (
* Florida State Attorney Angela Corey “is going to extraordinary lengths to try to keep The Florida Times-Union/ from knowing what her office is doing to prosecute cases,” writes the Times-Union’s editor. (
observer* Association of Alternative Newsmedia contest winners are announced. Texas Observer wins the investigative reporting award (smaller papers) for “The Deadliest Place in Mexico.” (* Sunday papers compared — New York Times: 196 pages of editorial content; Los Angeles Times: 60. (
* DNAInfo reporters have visited the homes of every 2013 Chicago murder victim. ( | Interactive timeline: (
* Meredith is launching an magazine later in the year. (
* Study: Online beats print as the preferred news source for every age group, including those over 55. (Note: Offline newspaper readers didn’t participate in the study.) (
* Asiana says it will sue KTVU-TV for broadcasting racially offensive pilot names. (
* Oregonian food critic: I’ll continue to do everything in my power to eat out unrecognized.( || Earlier: Oregonian accidentally outs its food critic. (
* Where are the female theater critics? (
* A couple of old newsmen remember the sounds of newsrooms in the typewriter era. (
* CBS London correspondent Sheila MacVicar jumps to Al Jazeera America. (
* “Dear Daily Mail: It’s so sad what you tabloids are doing…” ( | Amanda Palmer’s open letter to the Daily Mail: (
* Video: Why Clark Kent would make a terrible employee. (