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thistown“A quick scan of ‘This Town’ reveals how much more Politico plays into the narrative than do such venerable newspapers. The news organization is mentioned 135 times over 368 pages, an average of one reference every 2.7 pages. By comparison, Leibovich references The New York Times only 38 times, with The Washington Post — his previous employer — and The Los Angeles Times clocking in at 48 and 3, respectively.”

— Michael Calderone

* “This Town” pays scant attention to NYT’s Washington influence (

Howard Stern said on his Tuesday SiriusXM show: “….now Jenny McCarthy’s on ‘The View.’ We went back and looked and every time she guest-hosted on that show she’s Jenny McCarthy with the glasses — the serious Jenny — the one who wouldn’t talk to us for five years;glassesjen Librarian Jenny. Fun Jenny takes off her glasses. Jenny with the glasses is like Clark Kent.

Stern show producer Gary Dell’Abate “I think it’s more like when you watch a porn movie, the porn star’s got to be a teacher so she just puts on glasses…”

Stern: “Here’s my prediction: We won’t be seeing Jenny for a really long time again. Whenever Jenny’s career is going really well, we don’t hear from her, and then as soon shit tanks out…[she’s] sexy, dirty, talking about squirting. …”

Dell’Abate “There’s a guy from Time magazine [James Poniewozik] who wrote about her getting the job. He’s vehemently against it. His whole rap is that she’s irresponsible because she said she cured autism and that [letting] her speaking about the news every morning [is irresponsible].”

* Seth Mnookin: McCarthy “has worked, methodically and relentlessly, to undermine public health” (
* James Poniewozik: Why ABC shouldn’t have hired Jenny McCarthy (
* ABC’s Jenny McCarthy vs. ABC’s actual doctor on vaccines (
* Jenny McCarthy’s appearances on Howard Stern’s show (

AP explains: “This was an attempt to get more attention for the tweet, but it clearly violates AP policies on steering clear of opinion or advocacy.”

“Don’t leave your instincts behind in the rush to put out a tweet,” Associated Press staffers are told. Here’s the memo from AP standards editor Tom Kent and his deputy, Dave Minthorn.

From: AP Standards
Sent: Monday, July 15, 2013 11:37 PM
Subject: “From the Standards Center” – Social media and breaking news: avoiding pitfalls

Think before you tweet. It seems simple enough, and it’s a rule of thumb that can prevent the vast majority of missteps that a journalist might make on social networks. But given some recent issues that have come up on Twitter, it’s a good time to review some best practices, courtesy of Social Media Editor Eric Carvin.
Among the recent problems:

* A tweet that a staffer sent from the @AP Twitter account, related to the abortion fight in Texas, included the hashtag #StandWithWendy — a reference to Wendy Davis, a state senator who’s been fighting to block a new abortion law. This was an attempt to get more attention for the tweet, but it clearly violates AP policies on steering clear of opinion or advocacy.

* AP staff tweets related to the Zimmerman verdict largely were very smart and professional, but a lot of critics pointed to a tweet that was critical of the verdict from a former, temporary staffer who was not employed by AP at the time of the tweet. The widespread reaction serves as a reminder of how a single tweet from an individual can affect the greater AP./CONTINUES Read More


* Read “Fox & Friends” producer Kelley Kramer’s tweets about this stunt
* Earlier: Lauer refuses to call NYT ‘the eighth wonder of the world’ (


Detroit Free Press photographer Mandi Wright was arrested last Thursday while videotaping an arrest on the street. Police took the 47-year-old journalist’s iPhone, cuffed her and then put her in an interrogation room with the suspect she had been filming. She was released with no charges filed after nearly seven hours in custody.

A Detroit police official says if Wright was put into a room with the suspect and left alone, “that could be a serious breach of department policy.” Investigators, he said, are looking into “the whole incident, from start to end. What we did, what she did, the whole nine.”

* Police investigate arrest of Detroit Free Press photographer (


* August 2012: Pittsburgh City Paper launches blogh (at left) (
* July 2013: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette introduces Pittsblogh (

What does City Paper editor Chris Potter think of the Post-Gazette’s blog name. He writes in an email:

Gratuitously putting an “h” on the end of proper nouns is a proud local tradition, one that goes back more than 250 years. When we came up with the name for Blogh a year ago, that’s what we were paying homage to. I’m sure our friends at the Post-Gazette are simply doing the same thing.

But in related news, you might tell your readers that we’ve decided to bill ourselves as “One of America’s Great Newspapers,” an idea we came up with just yesterday afternoon, shortly after 3:07 p.m. [when the daily paper’s blog went online].


UPDATE — The Post-Gazette’s Mila Sanina emails:

We were delighted to learn of City Paper’s Blogh this morning. The Post-Gazette’s web team arrived at the name “Pittsblogh” independently, our web team selecting it from a series of names we brainstormed together; The Web N’at, The PG Web Lede, PG News n’at, Webzburgh, Webzblogh were some of the others under consideration.

The name of our beloved city and “Pittsburghese” lend themselves easily to this kind of wordplay.

And if the City Paper wants to bill itself as one of America’s Great Newspapers, we think that’s a fine idea. They are a great publication.

TV newswomen "contestants"

TV newswomen “contestants”

* The Everett (WA) Herald, recently sold by the Washington Post Co., will be moving to a “class A office building.” (The Post held on to the real estate.) (
* News director blasts Maine radio station’s “hottest TV newswoman” poll. “No journalist worth her salt would participate in a contest like this,” says Mike Redding. ( | The poll: (
* Lisa Olson declines to be interviewed for ESPN’s “Let Them Wear Towels” documentary. ( | Review: “A must-watch film.” (
* Robin Herman, the first female sportswriter at the New York Times, appears in “Towels.” ( | More from Beacon Journal’s Marla Ridenour: (
* Joe Nocera’s case against Twitter. ( | Middle-aged dad doesn’t like Twitter. (
* Bud Selig says he’s never sent an email and never will. (
* Pulitzer-winning fashion critic Robin Givhan joins New York magazine. (
* National Geographic photographer charged with criminal trespass. (
* Claim: Traditional media discourage digital innovation because they see new media as enemies. (
photo* Former Macomb Daily photographer is trying to locate the kids who appeared in his photo published 40 years ago. (
* Fox Newser Bernie Goldberg blasts George Stephanopoulos and Bob Schieffer for practicing “good racial manners” and not challenging some viewpoints. (
* Update: InsideClimate News/Arkansas Times investigation of the Mayflower oil spill gets funded. (
* Conservative bloggers repeat Ukraine government’s talking points. (
* Michael Scherer is named Time Washington bureau chief. (
* Vauhini Vara joins as business editor. (
* Edelman report explores the opportunity for PR firms in sponsored content. (