Get used to seeing Jenny McCarthy with glasses

Howard Stern said on his Tuesday SiriusXM show: “….now Jenny McCarthy’s on ‘The View.’ We went back and looked and every time she guest-hosted on that show she’s Jenny McCarthy with the glasses — the serious Jenny — the one who wouldn’t talk to us for five years;glassesjen Librarian Jenny. Fun Jenny takes off her glasses. Jenny with the glasses is like Clark Kent.

Stern show producer Gary Dell’Abate “I think it’s more like when you watch a porn movie, the porn star’s got to be a teacher so she just puts on glasses…”

Stern: “Here’s my prediction: We won’t be seeing Jenny for a really long time again. Whenever Jenny’s career is going really well, we don’t hear from her, and then as soon shit tanks out…[she’s] sexy, dirty, talking about squirting. …”

Dell’Abate “There’s a guy from Time magazine [James Poniewozik] who wrote about her getting the job. He’s vehemently against it. His whole rap is that she’s irresponsible because she said she cured autism and that [letting] her speaking about the news every morning [is irresponsible].”

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