[UPDATED] Enough already! Pittsburgh gets a second blogh


* August 2012: Pittsburgh City Paper launches blogh (at left) (pghcitypaper.com)
* July 2013: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette introduces Pittsblogh (post-gazette.com)

What does City Paper editor Chris Potter think of the Post-Gazette’s blog name. He writes in an email:

Gratuitously putting an “h” on the end of proper nouns is a proud local tradition, one that goes back more than 250 years. When we came up with the name for Blogh a year ago, that’s what we were paying homage to. I’m sure our friends at the Post-Gazette are simply doing the same thing.

But in related news, you might tell your readers that we’ve decided to bill ourselves as “One of America’s Great Newspapers,” an idea we came up with just yesterday afternoon, shortly after 3:07 p.m. [when the daily paper’s blog went online].


UPDATE — The Post-Gazette’s Mila Sanina emails:

We were delighted to learn of City Paper’s Blogh this morning. The Post-Gazette’s web team arrived at the name “Pittsblogh” independently, our web team selecting it from a series of names we brainstormed together; The Web N’at, The PG Web Lede, PG News n’at, Webzburgh, Webzblogh were some of the others under consideration.

The name of our beloved city and “Pittsburghese” lend themselves easily to this kind of wordplay.

And if the City Paper wants to bill itself as one of America’s Great Newspapers, we think that’s a fine idea. They are a great publication.