Just asking: Is a New York Times wedding notice guaranteed for the paper’s staffers?

Jason Feifer emails: “I just tweeted this out and then thought, hey, I bet Jim Romenesko would be interested in this question too!

“Nicholas Confessore’s wedding was included in the Sunday Styles section [last Sunday].justasking I wonder how the Times makes the decision to include or exclude its reporters’ weddings. Must be a spirited debate, to say the least.”

New York Times society editor Bob Woletz tells Feifer and other Romenesko readers:

We do not offer guarantees to anyone – staffers included – – that an item about any particular wedding will appear. And just like all of the other couples who submit their weddings for consideration, staffers must also fill out the online form and submit them on deadline to us. Then, as with all submissions, they are judged on a case-by-case basis, with space in that Sunday’s paper and other couples getting married that weekend are key factors in who makes the final cut.

* Anna Hoffman, Nicholas Confessore (nytimes.com)
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