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The Toledo Blade sued the city of Toledo last July after the police department refused to hand over its “gang boundaries map.” (The Blade wanted to use the map for a gangs series published earlier this year.)
In a 2-1 vote, an appeals court has sided with the newspaper and says the city has to share the map with the Blade by Monday. An appeal is expected. (The Blade already has a map that it created with the help of gang sources.)

Blade editor-in-chief John Robinson Block says: “We’re gratified that two appeals court judges overruled the faulty legal reasoning of their colleague, a man whom The Blade did not endorse for election. Openness in government, essential for democracy, has been eroded in Toledo the past four years. We hope that will now change.”

* Appeals court orders release of gang map (

University of Wisconsin sophomore Brian Weidy writes: “Despite [people] telling me that journalism is the worst major to pursue, as a naïve 19-year-old, I feel some sort of collegiate-aged burden to pursue what I really love. And if three more years pass and the real-world comes knocking, I could find myself working in PR or advertising. But until then, my dreams of having a column in the Times or in The New Yorker are still firmly intact.” Go for it, Brian! Here’s your future:


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Take the quiz: Is this ‘story’ from Patch or The Onion?
(Answer: Patch)


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My tipster writes: “I really hope this is the reporter’s subtle protest for being forced to take on multiple sites and post ‘news’ all day long.”

UPDATE — A Patch reporter writes of the above post: “It may well be a protest or throwaway post by the reporter, as many of us have been told we need to post stories “from the field” via our new iPhone mobile app at least once a day. Admittedly, the tool is great when you are updating from the scene of a fire, crime scene or other breaking news, but that post is the predictable and obvious outcome of forcing reporters to disregard their own editorial instincts and jump through the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all editorial model handed down by HQ.”


Paging New York Times DealBook editors:

[Kent Rowey’s] entire piece collapses under his mind boggling claim the meter lease deal was a good thing.

Chicagoans are painfully aware of the nearly 500% increases in rates, the lack of any market based pricing, the botched transition of the metered parking system from public to private control, the millions of dollars the city has had and will continue to pay for lost meter revenue and the millions of dollars paid to the meter company for abuse of disability placards to park for free.

* Chicago’s parking deal is one of the most egregious municipal scams of the last century (
* NYT fails to note that Rowey was involved in the deal (
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* “World’s best”? Uh…what?!? (

“Every five or ten years, the East Coast media becomes fascinated with Wyoming and picks up one of our quirky stories,” says the Casper Star-Tribune’s David Mayberry.

That happened twice this week.

The Atlantic linked to a 2008 Star-Tribune piece about escalators in Wyoming, and Gawker picked up the Star-Tribune’s Monday story about a tragic motorcycle fatality.

The 2008 escalator story — now bumped to #2 on the most-popular chart — had 17,193 page views on Wednesday. (The motorcycle accident story has had about 50,000 page views since Monday.)

“To have one story at over 17,000 is pretty rare,” says Mayberry. Typically, the paper has four or five stories “that will clear 1,000 page views” in one day, adds the assistant managing editor.

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Warren Buffett’s BH Media is buying the Press of Atlantic City from Pittsburgh-based holding company ABARTA for an undisclosed price.
Mark Blum, who takes over as publisher, says in a release: “The Press is one of New Jersey’s finest newspapers, and its digital presence is dominant. All of us at BH Media are very excited to become associated with a newspaper and a community like The Press and South Jersey.”

* Warren Buffett’s newspaper company to buy Atlantic City paper (
* Press of Atlantic City to be purchased by Buffett’s BH Media (

Jon Cohen

Jon Cohen

Washington Post polling director Jon Cohen has been named Pew Research Center vice president-research. A Post memo says:

“As all of us know, there is enormous admiration and affection for Jon in this newsroom. He is supremely dedicated to our mission and to his colleagues. His standards are high. His work is rigorous in every detail. He is collaborative at every turn.”

Date: July 18, 2013, 11:01:37 AM EDT
To: NEWS – All Newsroom
Subject: Staff News: Jon Cohen

We regret to announce that Jon Cohen, who has led polling at The Post for seven years, will be leaving us to join the Pew Research Center as Vice President-Research./CONTINUES Read More


* Mark May knows something about BRINGING SHAME TO THE GAME!! (

A funny story in Baltimore Sun sports columnist Kevin Cowherd’s farewell column:

Years ago, I was asked to do a feature story on Jim Palmer, the Orioles’ Hall of Famer pitcher and famous Jockey underwear model, who had just turned 50.

Cowherd (left) and Palmer

Cowherd (left) and Palmer

Palmer asked me to meet him at a model home in Timonium, where he was shooting a commercial for The Money Store.

During a break in filming, we went outside and were talking near his Mercedes when a young woman happened by pushing a baby carriage.

As soon as she spotted us, her eyes widened.

“Oh, my God!” she cried. “It’s Kevin Cowherd!”

It turned out to be a friend from my old neighborhood, but I didn’t tell a bemused Palmer that, not right away.

Instead I just nudged him and said: “Now that’s star-power, baby.”

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