Morning Report for July 18, 2013

* New York Post is looking thin these days. ( | The Post’s website is about to get a new look. (
* Liza Ghorbani writing in NYT in 2010: My night out with Liam Gallagher. ( | Ghorbani now: Gallagher is the father of my child. (
newsroom* What real TV journalists say about the fake TV journalists and what they do on “The Newsroom.” ( | Why does anyone still watch the show? (
* Fox Sports 1, which launches Aug. 17, aims to be “the funny, irreverent, less serious sports channel.” (
* Conde Nast reports its strongest September in five years. (
* Robin Abcarian: If you can get past the cover, Rolling Stone’s Bomber story is well worth your time. ( | You won’t find this issue in CVS or Walgreens. (
* Phoenix TV station goes to a chicken and waffles restaurant to get reaction to the Trayvon Martin case. (
* Glenn Greenwald is writing a book about NSA surveillance. (
* New Orleans Advocate expands its coverage area. (
* Washington Post Co. announces “a small acquisition” that’s not media-related. (
* Tucker Carlson describes Politico as “the rich kids camp in Meatballs.” (
* What’s the difference between a prostitute and a reporter? Michael Koretzky has a few answers. (
* RIP: Metro US editor-in-chief Tony Metcalf dies of colon cancer at 50. ( | (