This shows it’s really time to pull the plug on Patch

Take the quiz: Is this ‘story’ from Patch or The Onion?
(Answer: Patch)


* Top News: Mom treats well-behaved kids to Rita’s water ice (
* Earlier: From what I see on the ground, Patch is on its last legs (

My tipster writes: “I really hope this is the reporter’s subtle protest for being forced to take on multiple sites and post ‘news’ all day long.”

UPDATE — A Patch reporter writes of the above post: “It may well be a protest or throwaway post by the reporter, as many of us have been told we need to post stories “from the field” via our new iPhone mobile app at least once a day. Admittedly, the tool is great when you are updating from the scene of a fire, crime scene or other breaking news, but that post is the predictable and obvious outcome of forcing reporters to disregard their own editorial instincts and jump through the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all editorial model handed down by HQ.”