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This followed (with no @fivethirtyeight tweet about his job change):

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NPR ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos examined the D.C.-based radio network’s national coverage and found – as close listeners already know – “there were far more stories from Washington, almost all about national politics and policy, than from anywhere else.” National editor Steve Drummond points out that “if you look at the map, our stories tend to match where the people are.”


* Regional bias and how NPR covers America (

(Photo: Mary Pilon)

(Photo: Mary Pilon)

New York Times sports reporter Mary Pilon put this photo on Instagram earlier today and wrote: “NYTimes chest tattoo sighting in Martha’s Vineyard. All the news that’s fit to ink? #readerloyalty”

Mary Pilon

Mary Pilon

She tells Romenesko readers that the old-style New York Times T Magazine logo tattoo belongs to Brooklyn-based illustrator and mushroom grower Aaron Tung. A friend gave it to him in 2009, when he moved from New York to Los Angeles. (Tung ended up returning to New York eleven months later.)

“It’s still there as a reminder of his love for the city,” writes Pilon. “He informs me that he is a satisfied NY Times subscriber. Aaron adds, regarding the magazine’s new logo. ‘It’s unfortunate they changed it.’ But he thinks his tattoo could almost be better because it’s more original and vintage now.”

* @marypilon | Aaron Tung’s Cancerpantz

* UPDATE: Check out this Times tattoo in my Facebook comments. (“I got mine back in 2008,” writes Lori Todd. “Former news page designer forever in love with typography.”)

Intern magazine founder Alec Dudson tells unpaid VICE intern Leslie Thulin that his magazine “has sort of a two-pronged purpose.”

First of all, it’ll act as a showcase for some really precocious talent. I want to provide a means of getting their work out there and putting that in the limelight.

The second side to it is to try and initiate a frank and, for me, important debate about the current state of intern culture. It’s intrinsically important that interns have a voice and they’re allowed to express their opinions and their experiences. One thing I’m mindful of avoiding is a publication that is just a set of tales of interns who feel like they’ve been mistreated. That alone is not a debate, it’s just a soapbox.

* An intern chats with the founder of Intern magazine (

RIP Schoep (1993-2013)

(Photo: Hannah Stonehouse Hudson)

(Photo: Hannah Stonehouse Hudson)

Last August, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson snapped a photo of a friend and his dog relaxing in Lake Superior. The image of John Unger and 19-year-old Schoep went viral, with over 2 million views on Facebook.

“Because the dog is arthritic, the buoyancy of the water makes him feel so much better,” the photographer explained last summer. “He obviously trusts John so much that he fell asleep in his arms.”

Unger announced yesterday on Facebook that Schoep had passed. “Within 20 minutes of that posting, more than 5,900 comments replied as fans of the pair shared their condolences,” says a Duluth News Tribune story. “That number surpassed 40,000 by late evening. The ‘Schoep and John’ Facebook page has more than 172,000 likes.”

Schoep received over 1,000 cards when he turned 20 last month, according to the newspaper.

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Washington Post adds soot and grease to the company

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