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Eager and energetic young reporter Armando Montano at the Newseum

Armando Montano was found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft just over a year ago while interning for the Associated Press in Mexico City. The case remains unsolved.

“I’ll cut to the quick here, the guy was infectious β€” enthusiastic, smart,” says AP Colorado news editor Jim Anderson. β€œFor those in the business, he was a wonderful reminder of why we started in journalism in the first place.”

* Remembering Armando Montano a year after his death (

-- Nate Silver poses for Stephanie Strom in the Times newsroom (Nov. 2012)

— Nate Silver poses for Stephanie Strom (Nov. 2012)

* Nate Silver joins ESPN in a multi-faceted role ( | Silver: We’ll be doing some hiring (@fivethirtyeight)
* Margaret Sullivan: Silver went against the grain for some at NYT (
* The Onion: Silver warns against overestimating his value to ESPN (

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* Silver put wrong answers on middle-school math tests to throw off cheaters
* It’s confirmed that Silver works out of the newsroom at times

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a front-page story Wednesday about a public official noticing that Schnucks, a grocery chain, put its asparagus in water in wealthy neighborhoods, while it was left dry in poor areas.
The story and criticism of it went viral, which prompted metro editor Alan Achkar to explain it on the paper’s Facebook wall.

Many of you have wondered why we wrote this story, theorizing that our motives were to “race bait,” or were part of some undefined liberal conspiracy, or that we simply lost our minds. Let me assure you that we were not attempting to take sides or fan the flames of racial divisiveness. In fact, please note that the story does not take sides. It presents a fair, even-handed, unbiased telling of the details.

Post-Dispatch editor Gilbert Bailon wrote in his weekend column: “I’ve been in newspapers for 30 years, and the public indignation and moral umbrage [over the story] surprised many of us veterans. …Symbolic outrage rooted in a vitamin-rich vegetable came from left field.”

Some reader reaction was visceral and venomous. Other comments were humorous and mocking. Several readers called or emailed to cancel their subscriptions because the mere premise of the story offended their sensibilities. Many had not read the full story but relied on a pithy description that condensed the topic into one loaded sentence, which then was spun in various directions.

He adds that the asparagus story “is straightforward. But it is odd. Please keep some perspective.”

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Bangor news anchors Tony Consiglio and Cindy Michaels made national news late last year when they resigned at the end of a 6 p.m. newscast. They still refuse to say exactly why they quit.

“I realize that we didn’t get into deep, deep specifics back at the time,” says Consiglio, “but I still don’t think it’s necessarily important to tell everybody why we left.”

He’s now writing for recently launched website, while Michaels hosts radio shows for two stations and sells shark dives.

“I have three jobs now,” says Michaels.” But it took a while to acquire all of them. I’ve really been blessed, but it’s been quite a journey. I have been selling things on eBay to get by. I borrowed from friends, and didn’t want to but borrowed money from my mother.”

* TV team rebounds after on-air resignations last November (
* Nov. 2012: Maine news anchors quit on the air, but the reason is unclear (

Andy Boyle got these compensation figures from IRS 990 forms on
“This American Life” host Ira Glass
— 2009-2010: $171,224, base salary of $127,871
— 2010-2011: $170,190, base salary of $148,782.

“TAL” producer and “Planet Money” co-host Alex Blumberg
— 2009-2010: $154,801, base salary of $123,220
— 2010-2011: $201,734, base salary of $134,400

“TAL” senior producer Julie Snyder
— 2009-2010: Not listed
— 2010-2011: $156,153, base salary of $146,175

* An updated look at the salaries of Ira Glass and other public radio stars (

* Joseph Ripp is named Time Inc. CEO. (
* How ESPN/ABC News got Nate Silver to leave the New York Times. ( | Reaction to Silver’s move: (
* Gannett’s USA Today’s digital revenue was up 24.1% in the second quarter, while Gannett’s Digital Segment revenue growth was up only 2.9%. Newspaper ad revenue’s decline is accelerating. (

-- From Friday's "Real Time with Bill Maher"

— From Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”

* CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo is shopping herself around to rival networks. (
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* Compare the Parade and Texas Monthly barbecue covers: ( | (
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* David Shuster is joining Al Jazeera America, reports Michael Calderone. (
* Barnes & Noble should focus on something truly radical: being a bookstore. (
* Peter King launches “the thinking person’s site for pro football.” (
* St. Norbert College president and former AJR boss Tom Kunkel is finishing his book about legendary New Yorker writer Joseph Mitchell. (
* Times-Picayune on Friday: Nell Nolan retires her society column. ( | Rival paper: Nolan joins The Advocate. (
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* Bridge Magazine apologizes to Michigan’s Speaker of the House. (
* Sacramento Bee editor: Central editing desk is “the biggest project we’ve taken on in our newsroom in the 25 years I’ve been at The Bee.” (
* “It’s consuming us,” Us Weekly editor-in-chief says of the royal baby birth. (
* Raton (NM) Range publisher: “My company is saddled with so much debt that it would take the glory days of advertising revenue to pay it back.” (
* Claim: Long Beach Post puts “Staff Reports” bylines on press releases. (