Morning Report for July 22, 2013

* Joseph Ripp is named Time Inc. CEO. (
* How ESPN/ABC News got Nate Silver to leave the New York Times. ( | Reaction to Silver’s move: (
* Gannett’s USA Today’s digital revenue was up 24.1% in the second quarter, while Gannett’s Digital Segment revenue growth was up only 2.9%. Newspaper ad revenue’s decline is accelerating. (

-- From Friday's "Real Time with Bill Maher"

— From Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”

* CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo is shopping herself around to rival networks. (
* Occupy Wall Street reacts to its depiction on “The Newsroom.” (
* Compare the Parade and Texas Monthly barbecue covers: ( | (
* Parade: “The similarity to a recent Texas Monthly cover is purely coincidental.” (
* David Shuster is joining Al Jazeera America, reports Michael Calderone. (
* Barnes & Noble should focus on something truly radical: being a bookstore. (
* Peter King launches “the thinking person’s site for pro football.” (
* St. Norbert College president and former AJR boss Tom Kunkel is finishing his book about legendary New Yorker writer Joseph Mitchell. (
* Times-Picayune on Friday: Nell Nolan retires her society column. ( | Rival paper: Nolan joins The Advocate. (
* Claim: New York Post’s food stamp/foreign aid story is “stacked with bullshit.” (
* Rolling Stone senior editor apologizes for tweet about The Bomber cover. (
* Ten NYU journalism alums are nominated for Emmys. (
* Bridge Magazine apologizes to Michigan’s Speaker of the House. (
* Sacramento Bee editor: Central editing desk is “the biggest project we’ve taken on in our newsroom in the 25 years I’ve been at The Bee.” (
* “It’s consuming us,” Us Weekly editor-in-chief says of the royal baby birth. (
* Raton (NM) Range publisher: “My company is saddled with so much debt that it would take the glory days of advertising revenue to pay it back.” (
* Claim: Long Beach Post puts “Staff Reports” bylines on press releases. (