Alec Baldwin lashes out at Murdoch & Co.

Alec Baldwin appeared on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show Tuesday morning and had a few things to say about News Corp. journalists.

He said of the New York Post’s Tara Palmeri:

NY Post's Tara Palmeri and Alec Baldwin

NY Post’s Tara Palmeri and Alec Baldwin

“This girl’s like — you know, I mean, God bless these people — I guess they can’t get a legit job somewhere else; they couldn’t get into the NBC page program. She’s this really kind of gum-cracking little dipshit who works for the Post. This girl was like — she’s all these people who do, like, stake you out in front of your apartment, and my wife is pregnant. I mean, what kind of people do that work, right? But I keep forgetting they’re reporters, they’re journalists.”

“Very quickly I realized nothing that’s handled by News Corp. is true — nothing on Fox — and now I extend that to all media. I think the New York Times is — well, obviously — heads and above [other media] but still they have an agenda, they have a bias as well.”

“I met [Murdoch’s] wife at Carnegie Hall and they were in their midst of coming apart. I could tell that Rupert Murdoch’s marriage was ending because his wife was nice to me at Carnegie Hall. She was free to be photographed with me. You knew they were done, they were cooked.”

Baldwin says he doesn’t watch Fox News (“Oh God, no!”), but “some places you’ll go into and they’ll have it on and you can’t avoid it.han You’re forced to watch it. So I’ll watch [Bill] O’Reilly. I watch O’Reilly because I think O’Reilly’s talented. I agree with him about nothing, but he’s talented. But, like [Sean] Hannity is, is — he’s just untalented. I’ve always said, he’s like, uh — like, one day a real broadcaster had a heart attack and they like handed the microphone to a gym teacher from a Catholic high school, and that’s Hannity. I admire O’Reilly. O’Reilly is someone who, if it weren’t for the rabid and politically skewed content [of his program], he’d probably win a Peabody.”

* NY Post’s Tara Palmeri says Alec Baldwin threatened to choke her (