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stephensStephen Colbert asks Detroit Free Press editorial page editor Stephen Henderson: “You live in Detroit and also work in the newspaper industry; are you a glutton for punishment?”

Henderson: “You might say that. I came back to Detroit from Washington six years ago and people looked at me like I was insane, but it’s my home. …I wanted to raise my kids there and I’ll stick by that.”

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Rob Salem tells his readers why he’s not attending the Television Critics Association summer press tour for the first time in about 20 years:

Rob Salem

Rob Salem

The Toronto Star, my professional home of close to four decades, has decided in its infinite wisdom that it no longer needs nor wants a TV column, and thus no longer requires a TV critic. TV news is now being covered by reporter Tony Wong and any one of a number of indentured summer interns.

I have been re-assigned to the city desk, ostensibly “in recognition” of my “superior interview skills.” I swear to god, that’s what they’re telling me. I’m sure those decades of accumulated knowledge, contacts and perspective on the entertainment beat will serve me well in this new capacity.

He adds that “these days, everybody’s a critic,” and “any anonymous malcontent with an opinion and a URL has as much credibility as an actual, working professional. And without ever having to leave their parents’ basement.”

Such is the way of our wired world. We cannot stop it, nor slow it down, nor should we even try. Shit happens. Things change. We must accept and adapt, or die.

* MIA at TCA ( | h/t Joe Clark) || @robsalem

Wilson and Kraushaar

Wilson and Kraushaar

Reid Wilson, editor-in-chief of National Journal’s Hotline, has been named editor of Washington Post’s new GovBeat. National Journal managing editor for politics Josh Kraushaar is promoted to Hotline editor-in-chief.

The Post memo:

From: Marty Baron, Kevin Merida and Steven Ginsberg
To: The Washington Post Newsroom

We have a big announcement about a new venture for the Post.

On August 19, we’ll launch GovBeat, an online destination for state and local government news, with a primary focus on how actions taken in Washington play out in cities and states across the country. GovBeat will cover legislative and political trends and highlight innovative policy prescriptions, with a mix of news, analysis, charts and data. GovBeat will also engage government workers, policy makers and those involved in the business of local and state governments in an ongoing conversation about the challenges they face and how those relate to Washington.

We are excited to announce that GovBeat will be led by Reid Wilson./CONTINUES Read More

Kudos to Joe Butkiewicz for being refreshingly honest about his decision to resign as executive editor of the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader: “In my old-fashioned way, I’m in the way of progress.”

iresign“The company is changing, going in a direction with production and … it doesn’t fit my style,” the 55-year-old journalist told his reporter for the Times Leader’s story about his departure. (The paper recently outsourced its design and layout.)

From the Times Leader story:

Butkiewicz said pagination hubs have been successful for other newspaper chains, and he thinks it can succeed here “with the right resources.” But for him, “it’s not a good fit. And, I think for it to succeed, I think I need to step out of the way and let it go the way the company wants to go. It’s hard because I love so many aspects of it. But I do think that in my old-fashioned way, I’m in the way of progress.”

The departing editor told the Times-Tribune:

“An editor needs to be responsible for what appears in print or online. I don’t feel I have control over the final result. It would be easier for the company to achieve what it wants to achieve if someone else was leading the news operation.”

Butkiewicz, who has been a Times-Leader employee since 1983, says he’s “looking for new opportunities.”

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