Big bank to Footnoted: We need a picture of your computer screen

What’s going on here?
Nearly a year ago, Michelle Leder bought her Footnoted website back from Morningstar.

“One of the things I had to do post-divorce from Morningstar was set up a way to accept credit cards,” Leder (at left) tells Romenesko readers.michelle “Chase is both my personal and biz bank, so I reached out to them. The process took forever, which was OK because so few people want to pay by credit card. But then two weeks ago, a government agency asked to buy a single piece of my research and wanted to pay for it on a government card.

“Chase was dragging its feet approving the application so I reached out to my banker and said he was keeping the government waiting, which probably wasn’t a good thing. It was approved, but on the contingency that they had to pay a visit to the house and take a picture of my computer screen.

“Just seems like a giant waste of time to me!”

UPDATE: “One of my [Twitter] followers Photoshopped this New Yorker cartoon,” Leder writes in a follow-up email.