Ryan Suchomel is fired as Iowa City Press-Citizen sports editor

I had a post yesterday about Iowa City Press-Citizen’s plan to assign its University of Iowa Hawkeyes beat reporters to prep sports and let the Des Moines Register handle the coverage. (Editors at the Press-Citizen and the Register aren’t returning my emails or phone calls. They’re both Gannett papers.)ryans

This morning a reader pointed to former Press-Citizen sports editor Ryan Suchomel’s “Get out while there’s still time” tweet.

UPDATE: I’m told that the paper had decided to use the Register’s resources for Hawkeyes coverage rather than cut another Press-Citizen newsroom position. On Monday, Suchomel gave veteran Hawkeyes reporter Pat Harty a heads-up in case he wanted to start job-hunting. Harty, who does side work for KCJJ radio, told the station about the newspaper’s plan and it aired a report on Monday evening. Suchomel was let go on Tuesday.

He tells Romenesko readers:

I felt we were cut to the bone in sports long before this latest decision. We’ve tried to do more with less for a long, long time in a very competitive market. This is snapping the bones and sucking out the marrow.

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