Just asking: What did the Sun-Times cut out of its review of ‘Invasion’?

The editor’s note below is posted at the end of Sun-Times critic Hedy Weiss’s review of “Invasion!”:

The clip on the left is the “political opinion” that was cut from the online review; it appeared in the print edition:


* “Invasion!” arrives at a divisive time in the world (suntimes.com)

Jamil Koury writes: “We want an explanation from her as to why she would go so far as to publicly endorse the cruelty that is racial profiling.”

Hedy Weiss tells Romenesko readers: “One of my goals as a critic is to record my visceral reactions to a live performance. And as every actor will tell you, he or she brings the outside world with them each night to a performance, as does the audience.

Hedy Weiss

Hedy Weiss

“As I mentioned in my review of “Invasion!,” the news reports that were playing on my car radio as I headed to the theater were all about the global terror alert. And that was just one more reminder of all that I’d read about the closed-down investigation of the Tarnaev brothers well in advance of the bombings, and the horrifying photos of the amputee victims of that attack. Whether we like it or not, we are ALL being profiled every time we enter an airport, highrise or crowd of any kind these days — primarily out of a genuine necessity that the playwright, in my opinion, was not addressing honestly. For me to not honestly address that feeling would have been to write a dishonest review.”

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