Morning Report for August 9, 2013

* “I would be shocked if [Jeff Bezos] spends a lot of time here,” Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron tells his staff. ( | Silicon Valley is optimistic about Bezos buying the Post. (
* Free-speech proponents say even comments on innocuous stories and blogs could become problematic if Congress were to remove Communications Decency Act protections. (
nash* The last issue of Nashville City Paper hits the streets today. ( | Why Nashville needs newspapers. (
* Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter has a new contract with Conde Nast, according to Keith J. Kelly. (
* Bauer Media comes under fire for its Der Landser Magazine, described as pro-Nazi. (
* Elle’s editor-in-chief listens to NPR in the mornings because “I like to wake up to somebody talking peacefully in my ear.” (
* Boise Weekly asks readers to help pay for its longform journalism. (
* Over 500 comments on Waco Tribune’s story about explosion victims’ autopsy results. (“How inconsiderate of you to even run this article. What a discrace!” [sic]) (
* Meet the woman whose daughter helped Sanjay Gupta change his mind about marijuana. (
* Facebook fears their video ads will annoy you. (They will.) (
* Cleveland Scene sells @plaindealer back to the Plain Dealer for case of beer and a PBR six-pack. (

I’m waiting for a Kindle Single filled with open letters to Jeff Bezos and tributes to the Graham family, but in the meantime…
* A letter to Don Graham from the retired Post reporter who wrote the Washington Post chairman’s advance obit. (
* Eugene Robinson: “Thank you, Don, for treating every one of us like family. (
* Joel Achenbach: “At some point down the road there will probably not be a Washington Post as we’ve come to know it.” (