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rossRoss Douthat: “For the Washington Post to thrive again, Politico must lose.”

jackJack Limpert: “Politico’s website generates a lot of heat, a little light, and causes conversation but it’s a reach to suggest that it’s pushed the Post into political irrelevance.”

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globebeeThe Pacific Northwest Inlander: “We don’t think it’s anything besides a funny coincidence, but we couldn’t help seeing the similarities between our cover last week and Time’s cover for next week.” Any other recent bee covers to point out? Drop me a line.

UPDATE: “The Boston Globe Magazine featured bees on our cover [right] on June 23,” writes Globe Magazine editor Susanne Althoff.

UPDATE 2: “Not recent — but OnEarth put the bee die-off on its cover back in 2006,” writes Scott Dodd. “As far as we know, it was the first magazine to do so. The story was republished online in 2010.” beecover2

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A Romenesko tipster writes: “This is a screen capture from the NBC Atlantic City affiliate, WMGM-TV 40 from Sunday night. They reported on a Cory Booker for Senate campaign event last night — but they misspelled “Corey” and illustrated the story with a recent mugshot. The image they used is a man who was arrested for sexual assault in May. It’s since been corrected. This comes the day after they “quoted” Democrat Frank Lautenberg — who died in June — with comments that originated from Republican candidate Steve Lonegan.”


SMALLPATCHFormer Orange County Register reporter John Crandall was hired by Patch on July 10. He found an apartment on August 1, but got a call the same day telling him that the job offer was rescinded because of Patch’s “changing business needs.”

He wrote this friends-only post on Facebook last Monday — before the Patch’s downsizing plans were made public — and gave me permission to share it with Romenesko readers.

I’m back in Orange County for the foreseeable future.

John Crandall

John Crandall

I’m also unemployed.

Why? Patch Corporate has breached its contract with me.

Here’s the deal:

After signing a contract with the company to be a Patch Field Editor in northern California July 10, I drove up there last Tuesday. It took a day to drive up and a day to look for apartments./CONTINUES Read More

-- The old way (left) and today's way.

— The old way (left) and today’s way.

The Wall Street Journal’s front page “What’s News” goes from two columns to one starting today.

“The additional column available for the rest of the page will give us more flexibility in presenting our big stories of the day,” editor Gerard Baker writes in a staff memo. “It will enable us to get to the front page more of our original reporting, more news – including no-jump stories as brevity sometimes demands – more enterprise reporting, more creative and appealing use of news photography, graphics and other visual devices.”

Read Baker’s memo after the jump. Read More

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tshirt* “Sure looks the The Plain Dealer printed a full color F Bomb on a t shirt of a Browns fan.” (At right) (@CmdrJava) | Larger view on my Facebook wall.
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