Reporter: Patch hired me in July, then let me go ‘due to changing business needs’

SMALLPATCHFormer Orange County Register reporter John Crandall was hired by Patch on July 10. He found an apartment on August 1, but got a call the same day telling him that the job offer was rescinded because of Patch’s “changing business needs.”

He wrote this friends-only post on Facebook last Monday — before the Patch’s downsizing plans were made public — and gave me permission to share it with Romenesko readers.

I’m back in Orange County for the foreseeable future.

John Crandall

John Crandall

I’m also unemployed.

Why? Patch Corporate has breached its contract with me.

Here’s the deal:

After signing a contract with the company to be a Patch Field Editor in northern California July 10, I drove up there last Tuesday. It took a day to drive up and a day to look for apartments./CONTINUES

Then on Thursday, the day that I’d found a beautiful apartment in Santa Rosa, I received a phone call that “due to changing business needs” I would not be the Patch Field Editor.

Patch breached its contract with me, and I find myself jobless.

The company has not offered to pay my expenses for traveling up to Northern California, something it offered to do in the form of a signing bonus.

I haven’t mentioned this before because frankly I wanted a weekend to decompress.

The Bible says that we should praise God when things go right and when they go wrong. So please know that even though I’m feeling bad right now, I give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for every single breath of life he’s gifted me with.

However, I could use some prayer.

Thanks for reading.

Crandall tells me: “I had filled out the paper work [for the apartment], paid the credit check fee and was an hour from being approved when i got the call. luckily i hadn’t put down the first month’s rent.”

(The person who tipped me off to Crandall’s post writes: “I believe he is mistaken about signing a ‘contract’; when I was hired [by Patch], I signed a job acceptance letter, which I doubt has the same legal weight as a contract.”)