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UPDATE: Job ads have already been posted.

gatehouseGateHouse Media says it selected Austin for its Center for News & Design because the city has many available journalists “including seasoned copy editors and designers,” a top journalism school at the University of Texas, as well as “a desirable quality of life.” 

* Media company plans 200 journalism jobs in Austin (

The memo:

DATE: 8/14/13

TO: All Publishers, Editors

FROM: Kirk Davis, President
David Arkin, Vice President of Content & Design

RE: Center for News & Design

After months of detailed analysis and consideration, we’re pleased to announce that the Center for News & Design will be located in Austin, Texas.

We have high expectations for the Center for News & Design; we plan for it to serve as a major hub for our editorial business and beyond. In the future, GateHouse Media will offer a range of print and digital services to newspapers across the company, and will be positioned to better market these services to a wide range of other US-based media entities.

More immediately, the Center for News & Design will become the new home of our two Design Houses and our Community Content group (the staff responsible for processing press releases for 30 newspapers) as they merge into a single operation, a move that will result in the continued quality design, editing and content development work your teams expect and deserve. /CONTINUES Read More

New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson’s memo to staff about today’s website outage:

Subject: A Note From Jill: Tweeting the News, and Then Some

Dear Colleagues,

It’s been the stuff of bad dreams for us all — what would happen if our Web site went down — really went down —and e-mail went down at the same time? Today, on a day when the news out of Egypt is riveting the entire world, we were inaccessible to our readers for nearly two hours.
At about 11:15 this morning we began to get the answer, as people all over the newsroom started talking about problems with our e-mail system. The widespread grousing quickly turned to stunned silence as the realization set in that it wasn’t just our e-mail, it was our Web site as well.

We are nothing if not resourceful. With a calm and laser-like focus, exemplified by Assistant Managing Editor Ian Fisher, everyone on every desk was focused on how to publish the world’s greatest news report through alternative means./CONTINUES Read More


Lisa Saunders found it particularly upsetting that the Boston Globe reporter knew her full name. He said he simply identified himself and, referring to her as ‘Ms. Saunders,’ asked about her soon-to-be-taken-away valet/tow zone parking space.

From the Boston Globe’s story:

* City gives businesswoman a parking perk others only dream of (

historyA former Gannett (Louisville Courier-Journal) journalist with 17 years of newspaper experience has decided to go to graduate school and study history.

Lisa Hornung writes:

While history may not be the most lucrative field, at least it’s something for which I have a passion. My love for the newspaper industry left a long time ago.

I’ve not lost my passion for journalism; I’ve lost my passion for working at a newspaper, particularly, a newspaper corporation. And launching my own Web company isn’t going to pay the bills, at least for a while.

* Life (after newspapers) goes on (
* Journalism has entered a golden age, says Henry Blodget (

-- From the latest issue of Harper's

— From the latest issue of Harper’s

The Nation announced earlier this month that it will begin paying its interns minimum wage and drop the $150 weekly stipend it had been paying for fulltime work.

I got the latest issue of Harper’s yesterday and saw this front-of-the-book interns-wanted announcement (at right). I wondered if Harper’s might follow The Nation and start paying its college interns minimum wage. Here’s what the magazine’s spokesperson told me this morning:

No. We’re very proud of our record of intern placement (former Harper’s interns appear all over the mastheads of the finest publications in the country) and many of them are hired here. One even rose to be editor of the magazine

How are others at Harper’s paid?
Here are the compensation figures from the magazine’s latest IRS Form 990:
* Associate publisher/sales Peter Kendall – $242,479
* Treasurer, VP/general manager Lynn Carlson – $227,309
* Editor Ellen Rosenbush – $177,916
* Former literary editor Benjamin Metcalf – $109,799
* Secretary Barbara Andreasson – $79,689.

It appears that the magazine also paid for Kendall’s Short Hills Club membership ($6,444).

* Read what they’re saying about this on Facebook ( | The Atlantic weighs in, too (

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Wal-Mart’s “Practice What You Preach” letter to The Nation is after the jump. Read More

Tipster: “I have the pictures that caused the firing scraped from the internal blog if you want them.”
Me: Of course I want them!


* Listen to Tim Armstrong fire Patch’s creative director for taking his photo
* “Unfair to Abel”: Armstrong apologizes for the way he fired Lenz

Patch ad-sales stats, as of August 5:

Patrick Purcell is Patch Regional Ad Director, Eastern U.S.; Rich Lopes is Director, Inside Sales; Gary Graefen is Regional Ad Director, Central and West.


jack* Political columnist Jack Germond (left) is dead at 85. (AP via | (
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