Morning Report for August 19, 2013

* Time’s Michael Grunwald apologizes for his “dumb” Assange/drone tweet. “I deserve the backlash,” he writes. (
* London police will be asked to justify the detention of Glenn Greenwald’s partner. ( | ( | Greenwald’s column about this: (
long* Aaron Kushner’s Long Beach Register launches. ( | (AP via
* The sale of Chronicle of the Horse magazine has readers upset. One says of the deal: “This is starting to feel a little Rupert Murdoch-ish…ewwwwww.” (
* On Al Jazeera America, “there will be less opinion, less yelling and fewer celebrity sightings.” ( | Some advertisers are afraid of being associated with an Arabic name. (
* Who needs an iPad when you’re carrying a large-screen smartphone? (
* Ken Doctor: If Patch is a failure, let’s also note it’s a partly noble one. (
* John Sununu: “Politicians shouldn’t choose which journalists warrant special protections, and which do not.” ( | Good luck making sense of Sununu’s column. (
* TechCrunch examines the leaked Patch ad sales figures. (
* Alison Stewart’s book could be turned into a TV series called “Friday Night Blacks,” says her husband. (
* Podcasting’s back — and booming, according to USA Today. ( | What I listened to over the weekend: NYT’s Amy Harmon on the Longform podcast. (
ranking* Julian Assange praises “news media innovator” Matt Drudge. (
* Thanks for reading! stats: |
* College paper’s April Fool’s story about Meryl Streep was tweeted out as real last week. (
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