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* UPDATE: The New York Times confirms the Daily Caller’s scoop.

It's not happening, reports Daily Caller.

It’s not happening.

USA Today and The Daily Caller are reporting that the Koch brothers are no longer interested in buying Tribune’s newspapers. After doing the due diligence, the billionaires decided a “couple months ago” that purchasing the papers was “not economically viable.”

A source with knowledge of the proceedings between the two companies told The Daily Caller that the decision to end the negotiations came from a recognition that the deal would be unfavorable for both parties involved.

* Koch Industries drop interest in Tribune newspapers (
* Sources: Koch brothers not buying Tribune’s newspapers (

CNBC today

* Kayla Tausche: “A deca-box. Is this a CNBC first?” (@kaylatausche) | “There was even a doza-box once.” (@bobfasbender)
* “You know the situation is serious when the ten-box rarity hits your television screen.” (

CNBC in 2008 (via “The Daily Show”)

* “The enormity of this economic collapse is so huge that eight CNBC pundits aren’t enough.” (

karenThe Associated Press says associate general counsel Karen Kaiser (at right) “orchestrated a fast and furious response” to news that the Department of Justice for months secretly collected phone records of AP journalists. She “channeled industrywide outrage into an effective voice for change,” the AP says.

Kaiser is one of four AP employees who won the $10,000 Gramling Award. Other $10,000 winners: Robert Burns, national security writer; Alberto Arce, Honduras correspondent; and Mohac Bilecen, technology manager, Istanbul, Turkey.

* AP announces winners of 2013 Oliver S. Gramling Awards (

(credit: @tjortenzi)

(credit: @tjortenzi)

* “The view from inside the Washington Post lobby” (@tjortenzi)
* “Huge crowd of anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters outside the Post” (@caitlindewey)

Long Beach Press-Telegram columnist Tim Grobaty says his former colleagues who now work for the just-launched Long Beach Register are “turncoats” who “betrayed, backstabbed [and] sold out for some pieces of silver.”war

The Press-Telegram — a Digital First Media paper — is stronger now, he says, because “we started hiring some serious talent and otherwise beefing up the staff to replace and counter the murine — erstwhile staffers who thought they were scampering off a burning ship into the welcoming arms of a paper with libertarian/crackpot roots.”

Former Press-Telegram reporter Kevin Butler blasts Grobaty’s piece in the comments section:

This is such a juvenile column, particularly the silly references to “traitors.” It doesn’t acknowledge the wave after wave of personnel and other types of cuts that undermined the hard work of its reporters and made it much more difficult to do our jobs and serve the readers of the city. Perhaps the traitors felt that they could do their jobs better and serve readers better if they worked at a place that was actually investing in news rather than slashing it. Ironically, it has been the entry of the Register into the long beach market that has spurred the recent investment in the PT by its management.

UPDATE: Here’s part of Grobaty’s farewell to police reporter Tracy Manzer (photo below), who left the paper earlier this year:

tracyIt’s not that we’ll just miss Tracy’s horrible stories and sickening language. She has been, for a decade, what we in cubicleville call our work wife. She has tarted herself up every day for our amusement, wearing stunning spike heels and, on special occasions, her “implied consent dress,” which is a smart little outfit that explodes off the body like an airbag when activated.

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“The News & Observer has had more than its share of dumb editing errors since McClatchy moved its copy editing and design work over to a new hub in Charlotte,” writes Charles Apple. “The problem is so rampant that someone even set up a Tumblr blog featuring production errors from the N&O.”

* If you type it, I’ll read it (

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