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* New York Times CEO Mark Thompson and executive editor Jill Abramson are partners, “but the partnership is not easy.” (
jillmark* Former Wichita publisher says a Koch-Anschutz media partnership could work. (
* New York Times and the Guardian team up for a series based on Snowden documents. (
* No charges filed against a Detroit Free Press photographer or the cop who took her cell phone while she was filming an arrest. (
* David Sherman is out as Sun-Times Media print/digital advertising sales boss. (@DShermanMedia) | His bio: (
* Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg: “People seem to be judging us measured against some ideal image of newspapering that doesn’t exist anymore, at least not at the moment.” (
* Mark Leibovich’s “This Town” is surprisingly funny, says retired Washingtonian editor Jack Limpert. (
* Food writer Hanna Raskin: “If I could change one thing about Yelp, I’d dial back the ego [of the amateur critics] by four or five notches.” (
* BuzzFeed community contributor’s Planned Parenthood post isn’t a hit with readers. (
* Tim Grieve is named National Journal editor-in-chief. (
* Lakshmi Singh and other media names that are hard to spell. (
* Times public editor Margaret Sullivan doesn’t have “any immediate plans to comment” on Maureen Dowd. (

What Rachel Maddow said:
“You need to pay and subscribe to your local newspaper. Whatever it is, your local paper needs you. It needs to exist.maddow It needs to have enough reporters on staff, to have enough subscriber income to pay for local reporters and to pay for editors so you can actually get coverage of what goes on at these usually pretty boring meetings in your county and in your town, because sometimes they’re really important.”

* Rachel Maddow’s discussion of newspapers starts at 3:25 (
* “God bless the Winston-Salem Journal,” says Maddow ( | That remark was “surreal,” says Winston-Salem Journal reporter (

UPDATE: The Winston-Salem Journal “wasn’t at the original meeting she’s even talking about [in her appeal] — they jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else,” writes Lauren K. Ohnesorge. “The Watauga Democrat is the local paper that was on said story from day one… And the reporter is Kellen Short. Biased, as I used to work there.”

Dave Nuttycombe’s “If iPhoneographers Replaced Photojournalists” Tumblr is back online, two weeks after being yanked over copyright concerns.
“The complainant was Corbis, which perhaps owns all the images, though the only information Tumblr divulged, after much prodding, was that Corbis had complained,” Nuttycombe tells Romenesko readers. “And to get myself in further trouble, here’s the link to my Vine parody, which I couldn’t include in the original post for strange technical Tumblr reasons, and which didn’t get much play (or takedown). The six-second video that misses the important moment was my punchline.”

* If iPhoneographers Replaced Photojournalists in History (
* Earlier: Tumblr cops pull “If iPhoneographers Replaced…” post (

demoPresident Obama’s Thursday visit to Rochester got big play in this morning’s Democrat and Chronicle.

What’s missing, though, is a story from the Gannett newspaper’s political reporter, Jessica Alaimo.

That’s because Alaimo was laid off on Thursday — effective immediately — while working on the presidential visit story.

“I had been pulled off going to see Obama speak,” she tells Romenesko readers, “and was making calls to find out if he’d be stopping in Rochester when it [the layoff] happened.”

Alaimo tweeted after being laid off: “Thinking about making the switch into #publicrelations. Love journalism but its not sustainable. Would love to do research for a think tank.”

Alaimo joined the Democrat and Chronicle in July of 2012, but has been a Gannett employee since 2009.

Editor Karen Magnuson writes in an email:

We eliminated three positions yesterday as part of an overall restructure of the news and sales departments at the D&C. Several reporters and photographers were assigned to coverage of the president’s visit to our region. They did an outstanding job.

* More layoffs at Gannett newspapers (

- Paid death notice in Thursday's Orlando Sentinel

– From a paid death notice in Thursday’s Orlando Sentinel

* The death notice was $800, daughter Barbara Tomasino tells me. She couldn’t tell her dad’s full story because of the per-word charge. | RIP William G. Wood. (
* UPDATE: “Now the pricey obit has been edited to eliminate the jab.” (@GainesvillePR)
* ESPN decides — after 15 months of work — that it doesn’t want to partner with PBS “Frontline” on an NFL concussions documentary. (“The NFL was not supportive of the documentary,” notes NYT.) ( | ( | Report: NFL pressured ESPN. (
* Funeral homes in New Jersey – required to type out death certificates – help keep a typewriter company in business. (
* Washington Post Outlook editor: “The writer and editor in me don’t like each other.” (
Keep trying, Whole Foods!
Wall Street Journal, Aug. 22, 2013: Whole Foods wants to shed its “Whole Paycheck” reputation. (
Wall Street Journal, Feb. 15, 2012: Whole Foods is offering more price promotions and discounts to shed its “Whole Paycheck” image. ( | Today’s WF special: $5 whole roasted chickens.
* Why there’s no female Nate Silver: It’s much riskier for women than it is for men to stoke controversy. (
* New York Review of Books obviously favors male writers. (
* Tina Brown’s Daily Beast contract is up in January. “It’s unclear whether she’ll continue in the job.” (
* There isn’t a celebrity story in sight on Al Jazeera America. (
* Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive: “I will never stop ordering The Times in print because it’s one of those things that tells me I’m a grownup with a real home.” (
* Col Allan denies his New York Post days are over. “Like MacArthur I shall return,” he writes from Australia, where he’s on an assignment from Rupert Murdoch. (